LG V30 ThinQ on T-Mobile has Android Oreo update through LG Bridge

For those of you owning one on T-Mobile, the LG V30 finally gets its just desserts. But you’ll have to jump a few hoops to get a fork in.

Android P Developer Preview begins with big new media codecs supported

Other big points for app makers include a flooding threshold for to encourage the API level support and idle state apps not being able to record device sensor data. Images for Pixel phones are available.

Essential Phone can now enter Android 8.1 beta with simple OTA update

It’s less hassle, even if it takes a little while to get into. But if you don’t happen to have a good hand at ADB and still want to trial beta software, this is the way to go.

Did Android 7.1.2 brick fingerprints for you? Maybe flash the update…

Users of the Pixel and applicable Nexus devices are reporting that the update has crippled the usability of their fingerprint sensors.

In a paradox, Xfinity Mobile and YouTube TV launch | #PNWeekly 247

In this episode of our podcast, we also talk about Samsung’s good and bad with the Galaxy S8 and Tizen as well as Russo-Canadian cellphone spies…

Alcatel Flash is the world’s first smartphone with dual rear and dual front cameras

You’d think this new Alcatel Flash would get flashier promotion, what with a grand total of four cameras in tow, a 10-core processor and snazzy design.

Delayed HTC 10 Nougat update in Europe is now being distributed in flashable form

It’s still technically not ready, but you can at least strike up the ROM and flash it to your device in most of continental Europe. Most.

Xperia fingerprint sensors back on in US for XZ, X Compact with firmware flash

But only if you’re willing to do a little firmware flashing. Yep, you gotta download some files and tweak a few, too. But if you’re a fan of these phones…

Google loading Android Nougat images for Nexuses today

Nexus smartphones dating back to the Nexus 6 will have files ready today, perhaps tomorrow. The Nexus Player, Pixel C and Nexus 9 are also on the list.

Snap up Bluboo phones for $9.99 on June 18 at 3am Eastern

Are you willing to wake up or stay up until 3am Eastern on June 18 to get a $9.99 phone? Depends on what Bluboo phone you’re looking at.

Alcatel Flash 3 tipped as unusually potent 4.6-incher with Android 6.0

The upcoming 4.6-inch Alcatel Flash 3 may not provide direct competition for the iPhone SE, but it should at least take on the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

Leaks leave us wondering about a Sony Xperia C6 Ultra

We’re looking at a large Sony phone that has a front-facing flash and it looks like it could be the successor to the Xperia C5 Ultra.

10 LEDs said to make up Meizu Pro 6 camera flash

Already this phone was in that unique, not-an-iPhone-we-swear territory, but rumors leave us incredulous at how many LEDs Meizu can fit into a ring flash.

Google raises its banner in crusade away from Flash, sets deadline for ads

The internet wouldn’t be where it is now without Adobe Flash, but it’s time to move on – and Google’s making sure we don’t dally.

This week in mobile history – Culture. Netflix. Friday.

This week in mobile history saw a number of radical advancements – WiFi campgrounds and Netflix on Android were just the tip of the iceberg.

Google searches add mobile incompatibility warnings

Learn how Google mobile search warnings are helping users avoid sites that won’t play nicely with their phones.

How to Flash KitKat on your Android today

Whether you’ve got a Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, or even an original Nexus 7, to run the latest version of Android all you’ve got to go is Flash KitKat!

Microsoft Eases Access to Flash on Windows Tablets

Read about the changes to IE10 that will make using Flash a whole lot more accessible.
Flash for Android isn't dead yet

Flash on Android Isn’t Dead Yet (Video)

Watch how you can still install and use Flash on your Android-powered phone or tablet.

Sprint Announces ZTE Flash, Available Online

Sprint unveiled the ZTE Flash and is now available online with its 12.6-megapixel camera. Read details about specs and pricing.

ZTE Flash Render For Sprint Leaked

The ZTE Flash for Sprint has been leaked in the form of a render. Phone should be official soon but until then check out the details.

Adobe Ends New Flash Installations Tomorrow For Android; Get It While You Can

Get the skinny on Adobe putting an end to Android Flash installs through the Google Play Store.

Adobe Flash Still Runs On Jelly Bean, With A Little Work

While not officially supported, you can still get Flash working on Jelly Bean, just not with Chrome.

Browsing On Your Phone: Mobile vs. Desktop

It’s not quite as easy to find mobile sites as it used to be, with most companies now delivering mobile presence via apps, but there are still plenty to go around. Still, when we asked on our Facebook page what version of a site you prefer, fully half of those who voted selected “desktop site.” The question arises, then: what place do mobile-optimized sites have in today’s jumbophone-dominated world?

Adobe Updates Flash Player With Ice Cream Sandwich Bugfix

In early November, Adobe decided that, despite its efforts, Flash just wasn’t…