Fitbit Ace fitness tracker encourages your kids to be more active while having fun
At $99.95, the Fitbit Ace wearable unsurprisingly lacks built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring and other high-end features. But your kids probably don’t need any of that stuff anyway.
Fitbit Alta, one of the world’s best entry-level wearables, is cheaper than ever on Amazon right now
Far from an Apple Watch killer, the Fitbit Alta is still a top-notch wearable device, and at $69.99, it’s almost irresistible for fitness enthusiasts.
Garmin Vivosmart 3 comes with ‘hidden’ display, in-depth health data and HR monitor
Priced at $140, the Garmin Vivosmart 3 wearable shows pretty complex wellness info and smartphone notifications on a hidden display.
Misfit Flare fitness and sleep tracker probably delivers enough bang for your buck at $60
There aren’t many half-decent wearable devices around quite as affordable as the $60 Misfit Flare, capable of monitoring sleep, steps and distance.
Unreported Tizen vulnerabilities believed to be in the dozens
The operating system that Samsung wants to replace Android with on its smartphones is ripe with hacking holes and old code.