Misfit Vapor X

Misfit and Amazon offer 20% off everything until Monday, December 16

Still looking for that last minute gift? If a fitness smartwatch is on your shortlist, check out this Misfit deal.
Huawei Band 4 Pro

Leaked renders suggest Huawei Band 4 Pro is on its way

While a Huawei Band 4 is already available in certain markets, a report suggests that a Huawei Band 4 Pro could be on its way.
Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit activity tracker now available in the U.S.

Samsung announced that its Galaxy Fit fitness tracker, announced in February, is now available ofr purchase in the United States.

Fossil smartwatches are make or break in stifled market

And the fact that Fossil smartwatches are going to be towing the rest of the luxury goods business that is the Fossil Group is worrying investors.

Polar M600 Android Wear 2.0 update to come this spring

The update won’t just bring stock Wear 2.0 improvements to the Polar M600, but it also has new languages and a new fitness tracking metric.

No basis for Intel Basis smartwatches in the near future

Intel’s Basis brand is getting a cool-off period after every watch was recalled. Third-party partnerships will apparently be the way to go.

The MOVEBAND BT is TCL’s take on the Misfit with Italian design

It has no display, works with your phone through gestures, but can provide you with up to a month’s worth of activity tracking. And it has leather straps.

Intel powers New Balance RunIQ wearable and PaceIQ Bluetooth headphones

The RunIQ is an Android Wear watch with integrated GPS and 5 ATM water resistance. The PaceIQ is a set of wireless headphones.

The Information: Fitbit may buy Pebble

Fitbit has been on a good streak, but is worried about product engagement. Pebble has great engagement, but no money. Will it be a match?

Intel offering Basis B1 refunds in wake of platform shutdown

The Basis software platform is shutting down, which effectively makes every fitness tracker out there useless. That includes the Basis B1.

Canceled Microsoft Band 3 photos leaked, could’ve been swimproof

What to do with these photos of a Microsoft Band 3 that isn’t on the immediate horizon, to put it generously? Think about a future for Windows on wearables.

Polar M200 is a simpler health-focused smartwatch with all the goodies

It also has a circular black-and-white LCD, swim-grade water resistance and a whole lot more. And it is $200 cheaper than the M600.

Huami Amazfit crowdfunded smartwatch heads to market

Xiaomi has crowdfunded a smartwatch (an honest to god smartwatch) with a strong focus on fitness, a screen and GPS, and a tiny price tag.

Meizu Mix is a fitness tracker within an analog watch

It is, indeed, a mix between a smarter device and a more traditional timepiece. Meizu’s going to the Chinese crowdfunding market for the Mix.

Jawbone leaks: payments overdue, possible sale

The fitness bandsmaker right up there with Fitbit and (ahem) Apple is not doing too well on the streets nor on the balance sheets, say some insiders.

Polar M600 is company’s first Android Wear fitness tracker

Who knew six LEDs could accurately scan your heart rate? That’s the claim Finnish fitness tech company Polar is making, anyways, for its new M600 watch.

Galaxy Note 7 deals from Sprint and T-Mobile may include free Gear Fit 2

Sprint and T-Mobile may offer Samsung’s latest fitness wearable for free along with your purchase of its latest phablet. Other sellers may, too.

Dock, Activity sharing introduced with watchOS 3

watchOS is getting a bump up to version 3. It will keep…

Samsung Gear Fit 2 launches soon, Gear IconX gets shown off [UPDATE]

Samsung’s latest wearable dedicated to tracking your fitness is ready to go. Its fitness-focused earbuds, the Gear IconX, also are on display.

Jawbone stops the factories for one last-chance wearable

Sources say Jawbone has sold off its inventory of UP fitness wearables and is looking to sell its Bluetooth speaker business.

Pebble Time 2 Kickstarter finds fans, but is Pebble back in the game?

Pebble smashed its pledge goal on Kickstarter, but will new watches from this tech darling finder a broader consumer audience?

Fitbit acquires Coin assets to compete with Jawbone, Apple Watch in mobile payments

Coin isn’t being bought out by the fitness tracker maker, but some important assets are. The move may get Fitbit into the mobile payments game.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 delayed with mass-production issues to blame

The CEO of Xiaomi-associated Huami told Weibo users that the mass-production process for the Mi Band 2 has driven him crazy.

Tim Cook lauds Apple Watch, Fitbit throws shade

Tim Cook thinks that people will eventually catch up with the Apple Watch. Fitbit’s CEO says that Apple has wearables all wrong.

Upcoming Samsung wearables leak: Gear Fit 2 wristband, Gear IconX earbuds

Samsung’s next generation of fitness wearables has just leaked, revealing the Samsung Gear IconX and Gear Fit 2.