Withings Pulse HR marks a new step into fitness bands
The new fitness tracker from Withings marks the first return in 5 years to something wrist-worn with a screen on it. It’s available for the holidays.
Huawei Watch GT is for explorers, Huawei Band 3 Pro has more
Huawei rounds out its new Mate 20 smartphones with accompanying health-focused wearable tech with stronger heartbeats than before.
A post-Nokia Withings Steel HR Sport brings GPS with nearly a month’s battery
Withings is back with its minimalist approach to wrist-worn tracking of exercise, sleep and general health with a new $200 watch.
Huawei TalkBand B5 gets pictured by Blass
It’s the first time we’ve run into a color display on the TalkBands, but it looks like it will be the case perhaps as early as July 9.
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 seen on CEO’s wrist before in stores
This company is known for $20 fitness bands that just work. But it looks like another one is coming on the way with a bigger display.
Apple Watch SOS feature rushed an ambulance to crash victim
So, if you have an Apple Watch and aren’t using it to exercise on a regular basis, consider this your clarion call to keep it around.
Huawei Band 2 Pro has a (low) price and a place on Amazon
The price? $69.99. Not bad at all for a fitness band with integrated GPS and swim-proof water resistance. But will it take hold in a struggling market?
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Icon X (2018) Hands On!
Samsung has new fitness tech to show off for IFA 2017! Here’s our first impressions of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and Icon X (2018) wireless earbuds!
Nokia 8, Galaxy Note 8, accessibility rate | #PNWeekly 266
The Nokia 8 has just been launched, the Galaxy Note 8 needs launching and we’ll launch into accessibility issues in our show this week!
Microsoft Band 2 sync issue fixed, but users were kept in the dark
Band users found they couldn’t reach and sync with the Microsoft Health platform. It took five days to fix and another two for Microsoft to talk about it.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro leaked, looks like fitness band series remains alive
It’s understandable why Samsung wouldn’t call this a Gear Fit 3, but for swimmers, Spotify bingers and an unfamiliar crowd, this could make an impression.
Berlin might be the place we may see the Samsung Gear Sport
It’s tradition to hold a pre-IFA event to gather a party around your newest device. Samsung has done it for wearables. What’s this year’s wearable?
Fitbit 2Q17 earnings down significantly as smartwatch wait towers
The company is hoping to make a swing from loss to success with its first smartwatch. But as it’s already been delayed by months, will it matter?
Huawei Fit now knows how to swim, will track your performance
The Huawei Wear app on your phone can now take in information from the fitness watch about how you swim from style to speed.
Big Huawei deals start today, run through June 17
From Windows-running MateBooks to Android media tablets and wearables and a phone, too, it’s “Dads & Grads” discount season for Huawei.