Need accessories? Look to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds
The Galaxy Fit mini-band also should get exercisers who are looking for something to wear all the time locked into their health stats.
Apple Watch Series 4 helps you take a fall and performs electrocardiograms
The new series of Apple smartwatches are slimmer in size and pack in a whole bunch of software and health-tracking improvements. You can buy it from Friday.
Samsung’s internally calling what may be the Gear S4 “Galileo”
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Vinci 2.0 is a more practical pair of cellular earphones
If you remember the Vinci 1.5 and didn’t buy one, you probably found the screens on a pair of Bluetooth headphones to be weird. This is not weird.
Here are the athletic activities you can track with an Apple Watch Series 3
The HomePod firmware repository strikes again with all the new activities you may be able to track on watchOS 4… and we do mean ALL of them.
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Fitbit rules Q4 wearable shipments, but outlook disappoints
The fitness tracker manufacturer is expected to grow revenues by 30 percent this year. But its stock value has been dropping for six months.
Verizon takes on Moto 360 Sport, Fitbit Blaze
Verizon apparently doesn’t just want to provide you cell service — it also wants you to be fit. So, it’s taking in the Moto 360 Sport and the Fitbit Blaze.
Do you really care about health tracking wearables?
Health tracking wearables are becoming more and more popular but to whom are they marketed? Do we and should we even care?
Android Wear: a smartwatch, not a step counter
An Android Wear smartwatch shows that more is possible than just a fitness tracker. It can provide real value in day to day situations, not just at the gym.
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