Bendable Samsung Phones and Apple’s Made for iPhone Proprietary Connector | #PNWeekly 239

Apple and Samsung topics abound, but what takes up the bulk of our podcast this week is an unlikely discussion stemming from an HTC device.

Mozilla cuts 50 jobs in connected devices, Firefox OS falls to IoT focus

Firefox has not been working out on televisions, phones and tablets. Heck, web browsing is suffering, too. But aims are high for IoT.

Mozilla cuts the rope on mobile Firefox OS support in May

The company had hoped to carve out a niche presence in the low-end smartphone market. Firefox OS will now look to the Internet of Things once May comes by.

Firefox OS lives on, as leak reveals internal product concepts

Firefox OS may be dead on smartphones, but some newly leaked Firefox OS concept designs give us a hint at where it could go next.

Mozilla sunsets Firefox OS smartphones, gives rise to Focus ad blocker

Mozilla imaged an entirely new development medium for those who were interested…

Developer preview of Firefox OS 2.5 is an Android app

It’s been a long time since Firefox OS has been relevant. Last…

Tizen overtakes BlackBerry for fourth place in Q3 2015 mobile OS ranks

Market analysis shows Tizen’s share of the mobile landscape in Q3 2015 eclipsed those of BlackBerry OS and Firefox OS, propelling Samsung’s platform to #4.

Alternate smartphone platforms: where are they now?

Sailfish, Ubuntu, and Firefox OS all made high promises and got our hopes up. Where did all the alternative smartphone platforms go?

Runcible “intelligent object”: hands-on (Video)

We go hands-on with the nothing-quite-like it Runcible from Monohm at MWC 2015.

Mobile Geeks get amped on the HTC Vive | Pocketnow Weekly 138

Galaxy S6. HTC One M9. Runcible. A new BlackBerry. A Nokia tablet. MWC 2015 packed a ton of mobile gadgets … but we just keep coming back to the HTC Vive.

Will HTC release a Firefox OS smartphone?

Will 2015 bring us one or more HTC Firefox OS phones? A new rumors raises the possibility.

LG’s Firefox Fx0 transparent phone hands-on (Video)

The just-launched Fx0 is one of the best-looking FIrefox OS phones yet. Come with us as we take a peek in our Firefox Fx0 hands-on video.

Alcatel launches triple-platform smartphone, round-screened affordable smartwatch

Find out what we know so far about the new Alcatel cross-platform smartphone and the company’s affordable smartwatch.

Japan’s first Firefox OS phone may be best-looking yet

Get to know the LG Fx0, a new Firefox OS model for Japan with some decent specs and an unusual design.

Firefox OS goes after first-time smartphone users with sub-$40 model in India

We’re scraping the bottom of the budget-priced barrel here, but a 40 dollar smartphone is simply too affordable to ignore.

ZTE starts sales of latest Firefox OS phone early on eBay

Curious to give Firefox OS a spin? The latest hardware has just arrived with ZTE Open C sales getting an early start on eBay.

Firefox OS 2.0 teased in new preview images

Take a look at these brand new Firefox OS 2.0 pics, revealing what’s coming a little later this year.

Sony continues with the Firefox OS love, creates widget framework

Hear about the open-source efforts Sony has been making, to help give Firefox OS widgets.

ZTE shares news of MWC lineup: Grand Memo II LTE, smartwatch, more

ZTE MWC hardware gets announced prior to show; learn what to expect.

Release date, pricing info surfaces for Geeksphone Revolution dual-OS phone

When will the dual-platform Geeksphone Revolution launch, and just what might you hope to pay?

Firefox OS at MWC 2014 should sound exciting

Firefox OS at MWC 2014 should sound exciting if this recent report is to be believed. Mozilla is planning a comeback for the platform and we’ll be there.

Images, new details arrive on dual-boot Geeksphone Revolution

Read up on some new details and check out the new Geeksphone Revolution pics, the upcoming dual-boot Android/Firefox OS smartphone.

Firefox OS developer tablet details revealed

Firefox OS is expanding into the tablet space; see what Mozilla has in store for its developers with the revelation of the first Firefox OS tablet.

Emerging mobile platforms: Will 2014 be the year?

A lot of talk was bandied about regarding emerging mobile platforms in 2013. Now these companies are starting to make actual products. Will any survive?

Hardware specs emerge for Geeksphone Revolution dual Android/Firefox OS handset

Get the available details on the dual-mode Android and Firefox OS Geeksphone Revolution.