Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx takes portable computing to the “extreme”

It’s Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset yet and it will be on select computers starting next year to go toe-to-toe with Intel-fueled machines.

Mozilla cuts 50 jobs in connected devices, Firefox OS falls to IoT focus

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Developer preview of Firefox OS 2.5 is an Android app

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LG’s Firefox Fx0 transparent phone hands-on (Video)

The just-launched Fx0 is one of the best-looking FIrefox OS phones yet. Come with us as we take a peek in our Firefox Fx0 hands-on video.

Mozilla takes aim at iOS browser market with plans for Firefox port

Apple may soon be welcoming a new browser, as Mozilla talks about development of Firefox for iOS.

Why doesn’t every browser do word wrapping?

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Latest Firefox beta lets web apps behave more like native Android apps

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Android Firefox exploit automatically downloads, opens files on your phone

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