Amazon’s Fire and Ice plans reportedly call for smartphone comeback this year focused on India

You can fight fire with fire… or try to make up for a destructive Fire Phone with a new Ice “lineup”, as Amazon purportedly intends to do before long.

PayPal app version 6.0 leaves Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone and devices running Windows and BlackBerry OS won’t be getting the new PayPal app. In fact, some will lose it altogether.

Fire Phone 2.0? Amazon smartphone interests reportedly continue

Do rumors of new Amazon smartphone plans mean a next-gen Fire Phone, or will we see the company’s game plan take a new shape this time around?

Amazon puts out Fire Phone for good, no sign of looming sequel

After listing it as unavailable for the good part of last week, Amazon has confirmed the Fire Phone is gone forever.

Careful where you stick that S Pen | Pocketnow Weekly 163

On this week’s podcast: Huawei’s odd-looking Nexus, the Motorola 360’s little sibling, and how to use your S Pen to break your $700 Galaxy Note 5!

If Amazon discounts the Fire Phone much more, it will be paying you to use one

Today’s Amazon Fire Phone discounts bring the phone’s price down to the point where it’s becoming difficult to say “no.”

Amazon’s practically giving the Fire Phone away

Discounted down to just $160, this new Amazon Fire Phone sale is the best deal we’ve seen yet.

Amazon Fire Phone decides it finally might be time to upgrade to KitKat

Amazon’s got a big Fire Phone update headed out now, bringing its smartphone up to the latest Fire OS build.

Purchase the Amazon Fire Phone for 75 percent off in the UK

This latest Amazon Fire Phone UK deal brings the price to an almost irresistible number. Here’s how you can get in on it.

Amazon Fire Phone hits its lowest price yet; are you swayed?

Missed the Black Friday? No problem! the new Amazon Fire Phone sale has even lower prices than in November.

Amazon Fire Phone scores pretty substantial update

There’s a big Amazon Fire Phone update incoming, and it sounds like it just might resolve a few major issues with the smartphone.

Octagonal Androids, luxury smartwatches and SO MUCH MAIL | Pocketnow Weekly 124 (Hangout)

Weird-looking smartphones, bizarre cameras and luxury smartwatches: the only thing crazier than this show’s news is the amount of mail we’re answering!

Amazon’s failing Fire Phone drops to just $200 off-contract

This deep Amazon Fire Phone price cut is only expected, considering the phone’s inability to rack up the sales numbers the company was expecting.

Amazon admits Fire Phone failings: “We didn’t get the price right”

It’s too late to redo the launch, but has Amazon learned enough about Fire Phone pricing by now to save the phone going forward?

Disappointing Fire Phone sales costs Amazon big

As time goes on, Fire Phone sales are not seeing any big upswing, and the whole project is costing Amazon plenty.

Even at reduced prices, the Amazon Fire Phone isn’t worth it

Amazon’s Fire Phone isn’t doing so hot, so Amazon dropped the price. Read why, even with the new Fire Phone pricing, we still think it’s a tough sell.

Failed HTC/Amazon smartphone partnership may have been derailed by AT&T

We check back in on some old rumors about a budget Fire Phone, hearing about the HTC Amazon handset that never made it to launch.

Amazon Fire Phone goes nearly free-on-contract; does it have a fighting chance now?

Amazon’s just taken an axe to its Fire Phone pricing; are these $200 discounts what the phone needs to thrive?

Just how few Fire Phones has Amazon really sold?

Amazon may have launched its Fire Phone two months ago, but recent Amazon Fire Phone sales estimates suggest that fewer than 35,000 units have been sold.
How-to Sideload Apps on the Amazon Fire Phone

How-to sideload apps on the Amazon Fire Phone (video)

If you’ve got a Fire Phone and can’t find the apps you want through the Appstore, you’ve got options. Here’s how to sideload apps on the Amazon Fire Phone.
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System updates can improve battery life; here’s proof

Amazon’s new Fire Phone originally had pretty poor battery life, then, after a system update, something amazing happened!

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Between the Blackphone, our Nexus giveaway, and about 80 different flavors of LG G3, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover on this week’s podcast. Tune in!

Consumer interest in the Amazon Fire Phone sounds dismal

See what a new survey has to say about consumer Amazon Fire Phone interest, and why it looks like Amazon’s got its work cut out for it.

Amazon Fire Phone review: the right phone at the wrong price

The Amazon phone is finally here, but it’s not what anyone was expecting. Find out what the company got right and wrong in our Amazon Fire Phone review!

Here’s what the Amazon Fire Phone camera can do

With a 13MP optically stabilized rig and a dedicated shutter key, the Fire Phone camera ain’t no joke. How does it perform in the real world? Come find out!