Amazon unveils $120 Fire TV Cube streaming media player with Alexa
Pricier than a standard Fire TV or Echo smart speaker, Amazon’s new Fire TV Cube basically brings the two together with hands-free Alexa voice support.
Amazon Alexa now calling and texting on Fire, Android and iOS tablets
Perhaps the one thing your phone didn’t need was another way to text and call people. But maybe that’s where your tablet and Alexa can kick in.
HP voluntarily recalls 50,000+ computer batteries posing fire and burn hazards
At least 50,000 HP laptops and mobile workstations sold between December 2015 and December 2017 are unsafe to use due to potentially overheating batteries.
Amazon kicks off ‘Black Friday Deals Week’ in style with many Fire tabs and Kindles on sale
Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and Cloud Cam security camera are still available at list prices, but several Fire tablets and Kindles can be had for cheap.
Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition spreads the Prime Video and Netflix love to 100+ countries
A new “basic edition” of the very popular (in the US) Amazon Fire TV Stick is now available around the world for a decently low price.
Amazon’s Fire and Ice plans reportedly call for smartphone comeback this year focused on India
You can fight fire with fire… or try to make up for a destructive Fire Phone with a new Ice “lineup”, as Amazon purportedly intends to do before long.
Amazon’s ‘all-new’ Fire 7 tablet still costs $50, rehashed $80 Fire HD 8 and Kids Editions also unveiled
Far from major upgrades over previous generations, Amazon’s “all-new” Fire 7 and HD 8 are affordable enough to become hits, including in Kids Editions.
Even wearables are exploding nowadays, with Fitbit ‘actively investigating’ such an incident
Fitbit is faced with an allegation Samsung has had to tackle many times last year, though chances are this Flex 2 incident is either fake or isolated.
Melting iPhone 7 Plus caught on camera, Apple ‘in touch’ with owner and investigating
Is there “literally no explanation” for the latest allegedly random iPhone 7 Plus melting incident? Apple will try to find out.
Samsung will globally live stream Galaxy Note 7 explanation event on January 23 (22 in US)
It’s officially official now – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigations are over, with findings and a quality enhancement plan going public in a few days.
Samsung now also partners with Australian carriers for Note 7 network discontinuation
The “small number of affected” Galaxy Note 7 units still in Australian customers’ hands will be denied cellular service nationwide starting December 15.
Not this again: Samsung Galaxy S7 allegedly explodes in Canada, causing serious burns
Isolated incident or something far more alarming? Impossible to say, though Samsung needs to treat the latest Galaxy S7 explosion very seriously.
Forget early Galaxy S8 release, as ongoing Note 7 investigation may actually hold it back
Don’t expect a Galaxy S8 debut before March or April, as Samsung will only green-light development after concluding Note 7 investigation.
Apparently, Samsung conducted pre-release Galaxy Note 7 battery testing in-house
It may not mean anything or it could be everything, but Samsung went through its own private labs for Galaxy Note 7 battery testing.
Samsung estimates direct and indirect Galaxy Note 7 losses at $5.3 billion through Q1 2017
After a direct hit of $2.3 billion to Q3 2016 profits, Samsung expects the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation to cost it an extra $3B by March 2017.
CPSC announces ‘expanded’ Galaxy Note 7 recall, and yes, even units bought used will be exchanged
In case there was still any lingering doubt, the US CPSC has just crushed it – new and old Galaxy Note 7 units are officially recalled.
Galaxy Note 7 investigation will still take a few weeks, but freebies are offered now to Korean customers
Samsung needs a little more time to find out what caused all those Galaxy Note 7 fires, offering small gifts to customers in its homeland already.
Profit growth? Not so fast, as Samsung revises Q3 earnings guidance to reflect Note 7 loss
Now that all hopes of an eventual Galaxy Note 7 rebound have been crushed, Samsung needs to reassess its Q3 2016 financial records.
Samsung still can’t determine exact Galaxy Note 7 cause of death
Samsung most likely did the right thing in permanently pulling the Galaxy Note 7 plug, but the root cause of its problems remains unidentified.
RIP Galaxy Note 7: Samsung confirms production is ‘permanently discontinued’
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially toast for good, following one too many fire reports, recall fumbles and explosion scandals.
The right thing to do: Oculus disables Galaxy Note 7 – Gear VR compatibility
Oculus takes pride in putting customer safety first, removing support for all Galaxy Note 7 devices on the Gear VR headset.
Forget $1 billion, Samsung could lose as much as $17 billion on terminated Galaxy Note 7 sales
With long-term brand damage still impossible to evaluate, Samsung has every reason to worry for the near future as far as Galaxy Note 7 losses go.
Galaxy Note 7 shipments officially ‘adjusted’, as explosion tally continues to rise
Is the Galaxy Note 7 toast? DOA? Done for good? Officially, not yet, but a second global recall seems more and more likely.
The big four US carriers will let your exchange your Galaxy Note 7 for any phone… again
AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have actually followed Sprint’s lead in offering any phone in exchange for your Galaxy Note 7 after fresh news of malfunctions.
Believe it or not, Samsung actually posted year-on-year profit growth in Q3 2016
Despite a costly Galaxy Note 7 recall, not to mention its retail standstill, Samsung still managed to make money between July and September.