We may soon find self-healing glass on Samsung smartphones

Samsung has been investing in research and development of new technology that will improve their smartphones, and now we see a patent for self-healing glass
in-display fingerprint scanner

In-display fingerprint scanner shipments on the rise

100 million units to be shipped in 2019, as in-display fingerprint scanners will become a standard next year for mid-to-high-end smartphones.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review

Samsung is reportedly hard at work on 3D sensing tech for Galaxy S10 Face ID rival

A highly advanced 3D sensing solution is reportedly in the works for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 (or Galaxy X) next year to go after Face ID speed, security and reliability on the iPhone X.
Samsung Flow

Security & Privacy: Secure Your Computer with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

You can secure your computer using your Samsung Galaxy phone. We’ll tell you how to do it, as well as whether you should do it or not.

Truly bezelless Sharp Aquos S2 with in-screen fingerprint reader rendered, Aquos S1 photographed in the wild

If real, the Sharp Aquos S2 looks like a total game changer, with zero bezels and under-glass fingerprint recognition. The S1 is slightly less spectacular.
Galaxy S8 Plus fingerprint sensor

Next-gen Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor for Display works under OLED screens, OEM tests kicking off soon

The all-new Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor for Display sounds like everything Samsung needs to get rid of awkwardly placed rear-mounted scanners.

Security & Privacy: Your Fingerprint isn’t your Password – and neither is your face or iris

Regardless of whether or not you’re one of the “paranoid” people who doesn’t want others snooping in their personal effects, your fingerprint, iris, face, or voice isn’t your password, and you’d be wise not to treat it as such.

Under-Glass fingerprint scanner announced just in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Synaptics has just announced a brand new fingerprint scanner that works under the display, just in time for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Visa Checkout, Masterpass come to Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Wallet in 2017

Android Pay will receive both Visa Checkout and Masterpass compatibility while the latter will hitch to Samsung Pay and Microsoft Wallet, too.

Microsoft Authenticator app will very soon bring consumer and enterprise users together

No more Azure AD and Microsoft account sign-in app separation, as Microsoft Authenticator for business users and consumers is just a few weeks away.

Sub-$100 ZTE Blade A1 debuts with a fingerprint sensor

ZTE’s been focusing its new Axon line of smartphones on its global…

Expect an onslaught of fingerprint-recognizing Androids in 2016, sources say

The number of Android smartphones equipped with fingerprint scanners should considerably rise next year, especially in China.

Fingerprint scanner prices go down, likely to become even cheaper in 2016

Fingerprint scanner prices are going down, and the components are likely to hit an all time low next year. Check out how cheap a fingerprint scanner will be

Bank of America now has Apple Watch app and biometric login on Android, iOS

There’s a convergence of news in the mobile technology sphere today from the…

Apple patent marries Touch ID with pattern unlock

Check out the Apple patent that hints at how a next-gen Touch ID system might work.
fingerprint scanners

Are fingerprint scanners already played out?

are fingerprint scanners already played out, or are we on the verge of a new way to conveniently and securely identify ourselves?