HTC lost a whopping $330 million during Q4 2017, with flat revenues compared to Q3

It no longer comes as a big surprise that HTC isn’t capable of making money, losing more than ever over a three-month period that’s generally very lucrative for tech manufacturers.

HTC will get a financial boost from Google soon, but until then, monthly revenues are down

Before it can return to quarterly profitability with Google’s help, HTC’s monthly income scores are still shrinking, and new Vive headsets will probably not help that much.

LG Electronics boasts record full-year 2017 revenues, ‘narrowed’ Q4 smartphone losses

LG lost another $192 million on smartphones during Q4 2017, nonetheless reporting all-time high overall annual revenues of $55.4 billion.

HTC looks doomed to end 2017 with lower revenue than 2016 after October result

If it wasn’t abundantly clear, October revenue confirms 2017 has been a bad year for HTC following half a decade already of constant financial decline.

LG probably made more money during Q3 2017 than last year, no thanks to smartphones

LG’s mobile division is expected to post its tenth consecutive quarter loss for the July – September 2017 timeframe, despite solid overall company profits.

Lenovo touts 11 million smartphone shipments for the last quarter, 3 million Moto Z sales within a year

Lenovo is still hoping for mobile industry relevance after selling a total of 11 million own-brand and Motorola smartphones between April and June 2017.

Moderately successful HTC U11 wasn’t enough to return company to profitability during Q2

Despite relatively strong HTC U11 sales, the company’s overall Q2 2017 financial report doesn’t look so hot, with a quarterly loss of USD 72 million.
LG G6 review

‘Weaker than expected’ LG G6 had a ‘challenging’ quarter, but the company still made a little money

As attractive as we found it, the LG G6 simply didn’t sell well during Q2 2017. But the company’s home appliances and TVs were profitable enough.
LG G6 review

LG predicts shrinking overall Q2 profits, high G6 marketing costs likely to cause massive division loss

Instead of helping LG’s smartphone division finally yield a quarterly profit, the G6 contributed to bigger losses and lower overall earnings.

Fitbit beats Q1 revenue expectations, CEO insists first smartwatch is ‘on track’

Compared to the first three months of 2016, Fitbit’s Q1 2017 wasn’t great. But it wasn’t as bad as analysts predicted, and that smartwatch is coming soon.
lg g5

LG was this close to making money on smartphones in Q1 2017, posting great overall profits

LG’s full Q1 2017 financial report is uncharacteristically solid, thanks to prosperous home appliance and entertainment products, and not-so-weak phones.

HTC’s Q4 2016 revenue is down year-on-year, operating losses are up sequentially

While HTC didn’t lose as much money during Q4 2016 as a year before, this latest quarterly financial report is bad. Really, really bad.

‘Weak’ LG G5 blamed for yet another even more disappointing company quarter

LG is quick to single out the very weak-selling G5 as the culprit of the company’s big overall Q4 financial losses, but that’s not entirely fair.

HTC reports ‘strong’ Q3 revenues, small $57 million net loss

HTC once again spent more than it earned between July and September 2016, although quarterly revenues surged and losses shrunk.

Samsung estimates direct and indirect Galaxy Note 7 losses at $5.3 billion through Q1 2017

After a direct hit of $2.3 billion to Q3 2016 profits, Samsung expects the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation to cost it an extra $3B by March 2017.

Forget $1 billion, Samsung could lose as much as $17 billion on terminated Galaxy Note 7 sales

With long-term brand damage still impossible to evaluate, Samsung has every reason to worry for the near future as far as Galaxy Note 7 losses go.

Sony Mobile sales continue to contract, but a tiny division profit is recorded

Sony’s mobile communications branch isn’t completely out of the woods yet, but for the first time in years, it’s managed to post a small quarterly gain.