Apple Q4 2019 results: record $12.5 billion revenue, iPhones still slowing

Apple has published its financial results for the fiscal Q4 2019, and the company has recorded an all-time high revenue of $12.5 billion.

Huawei Q3 revenue up 27% as smartphone sales soar

Huawei managed to sell 185 million smartphones this year, which indicates a 29% growth in third quarter smartphone shipments.

Spotify gains 30% paid subscribers in one year, falls short of expectations

Spotify reported its second quarter figures, and the service is growing in all aspects, even though it fell short of expectations and analyst predictions.

Samsung Q2 profit plummets 56% as smartphone sales slow down

Samsung has posted its second quarter 2019 financial numbers and its profit dropped 56 percent, as its memory chip and smartphone business is slowing down.

Huawei ships 118 million smartphone in H1, grows 24% YoY

Huawei revenue grew 23.2 percent YoY, thanks in part to the great performance of its smartphone business which grew 24 percent.

Huawei revenue increases 30% despite U.S. ban

Despite 5G roadblocks and U.S. restrictions, Huawei managed to record a 30% increase in revenue for the first half of the year, months January through June.

HTC is finally seeing a tiny light at the end of the tunnel

It’s refreshing, as we have all been rooting for HTC since the PDA era, to finally report on positive figures and outlook for the Taiwanese company.

Samsung revenue and profit slows down in the first quarter

Samsung has posted its financial numbers for the first quarter of the year. The company is seeing declines in all major categories.

Sony sells 6.5 million smartphones, 50% less than in previous year

Sony published its financial numbers and the Japanese company sells 6.5 million smartphones in FY2018, 50% less than FY2017.

Nokia posts quarterly loss as Huawei saga generates pressure

Nokia has recorded a loss of more than $280 million in the quarter, despite the international status quo surrounding Huawei.

Huawei revenue for the first quarter of 2019 grows 39 percent

Huawei said that its revenue for the first quarter of the year has increased by 39 percent, despite having a hard time with its 5G business in the US.

HTC revenue drops 52.64% compared to last year

HTC revenue is continuing to drop year-on-year, despite an optimistic spike in March, due mostly to sales of its new VR devices.

Samsung predicts lower-than-expected Q1 earnings

In a recent company statement issued today, Samsung is predicting lower-than-expected earnings for the first quarter of the year.

Apple to pay France back-taxes estimated at 500 million Euros

Apple France has agreed to pay French authorities back-taxes which could amount to 500 million euros (around $571 million).

Samsung revenue down 10% YoY, mobile division slows down

Samsung revenue numbers are in for the last quarter of 2018, as well as for the entire fiscal year 2018. The mobile division is slowing down.

LG revenue down 7% YoY due to slower mobile sales

LG revenue numbers have been made public by the company, and, while total revenues are at a record high, mobile division numbers are suffering.

iPhone battery replacements hurt iPhone sales

We know that there is a weaker-than-usual demand for iPhones, but apparently the reason behind it is cheap iPhone battery replacements.

Huawei revenue expected to grow 21% despite international roadblocks

Rotating chairman Guo Ping said that 2018 Huawei revenue is expected to grow 21%. Company remains leader in telecom gear and 2nd in smartphones shipped.

Weak iPhone Xr sales suggested by touch solution provider GIS

We’re getting another indication of weak iPhone Xr sales, this time around, from a company that offers touch solutions for Apple.

HTC November revenue is down 70 percent YoY

The figures representing the HTC November revenue aren’t at all promising as they are 70 percent down year-on-year. Check it out!
Xperia XZ3

Sony selling less and less mobile phones

Sony has released its financial report for the third quarter and the company reported selling less phones than before. Read more!

Samsung relying on 5G and foldable smartphones to boost mobile division

Samsung has posted its Q3 2018 results, and, while the mobile division didn’t perform at its best, it hopes 5G and foldable smartphones will boost it.

Microsoft dethrones Amazon, becomes second most valuable U.S. company

While Apple is leading the pack after becoming the first $1 trillion U.S. company, Amazon managed to fall losing second place to Microsoft.

HTC revenue for September reaches 15-year low

HTC revenue has reached a 15-year low, according to recent reports, with the company continuing its downward financial spiral.

Apple and other products spared by new U.S. duties for now

New tariffs have been imposed by the US Administration but the Apple Watch and other gadgets are exempted for now. Read more!