Taboola gets ZTE as first OEM partner for baked-in news feed

Taboola, if you’re not familiar with it, places branded content story suggestions at the bottom of many news articles. ZTE smartphones will be getting a feed of that.

Instagram reverts back to chronological feed, kind of…

After realizing that customers were the king of the experience, Instagram has finally responded to demands that pictures should be fresher.

Advanced machine learning helps Google app feed get more intuitive and easier to customize

The already intuitive and versatile Google feed in the search giant’s Android and iOS app is getting a major update focused on personalization.

End of life for Google Now Launcher, OEMs left with choice to make

The Google Now Launcher is done for, but will be maintained for those using it for the foreseeable future. What’s next for manufacturers?

Google Assistant gets Screen Search (On Tap) functionality for Pixel

The Google Assistant implementation on the Pixel is getting more robust and taking more tools from previous feature sets from search.

Google feed to split between the Upcoming and the now

The Upcoming is all the travel and events that Google knows you’re involved in while the feed will stick to weather and news.

Google search bar widget now has feed sub-bar in beta

A little box below the search bar will pop up the weather, scores, news or anything that tops your Google feed at the moment.