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Google charging OEMs for GApps in Europe based on device pixel density

In response to being fined by the European Commission, Google has decided to charge fees for OEMs wanting to distribute the Play Store in the Eurozone.

T-Mobile bills family more than $13,000 for less than 1GB of international data

Even with airplane mode on for the whole trip, it seems that Nicholas Chung’s iPhone had been tapping into the cell network in Vietnam.

AT&T jacks administrative fee from 76 cents to $2 per month

That’s a hike of approximately 260 percent. What’s up with this rocket and what does this mean for people who have lines with AT&T?

Boost Mobile includes taxes and fees in plan prices

The Sprint prepaid carrier is pulling a T-Mobile… or, to be more correct, a MetroPCS. Yep, way more correct. And there’s free money to be had.

No more unlocking fees in Canada from December 1

Carriers must be able to provide device unlocking free of charge from day one. Customers now also have more control on overage caps

Not on T-Mobile ONE? Get ready for hiked fees of up to $3.18

It’s not a major deal, but if you’re on a former SunCom Wireless plan and want to keep it, you’ll have to start paying an extra $3 or so a month.

Reddit feels “Un-Thanked” with T-Mobile SIM fee hike

#GetThanked? #Uncarrier? Not when T-Mobile goes around charging $25 for a SIM kit, which is essentially an activation fee — so says Reddit.

AT&T raises upgrade fees once again

Starting January 20, if you need to make an off-promo-season upgrade to your smartphone, you’ll pay $5 more than you would’ve today.

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier Next move? Wrapping taxes and fees into service costs

Carrier fees and government taxes will be bundled into the billed cost of a T-Mobile One service plan. Simple Choice plans die January 22.

Bah humbug? Plans call for Verizon fees to be waived closer to Black Friday

$20 activation and upgrade fees will not apply through November 23, according to a leaked document. If only this was permanent…

T-Mobile is charging a penny a minute for “out-of-plan” numbers

Those numbers include ones tied with some conference calls, over-the-air broadcast numbers and the old 900/976-style “chat” lines.