Pocketnow Daily: The iPhone 9 Design was just LEAKED!!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible design of the iPhone 9, specs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and more

FBI needs Apple’s help to unlock a mass shooter’s iPhone

The FBI is trying to get help from Apple to unlock a password-protected iPhone that belonged to the shooter of the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Florida

Smartphone glass vendor aids FBI sting against Huawei

A glass vendor has been on a twisty ride with Huawei, the FBI and claims that its intellectual property may have been stolen.
Face ID

Face ID has become a new tool for law enforcement

Face ID is supposed to help you keep the information in your iPhone safe, but now it seems it’s going to be more useful for law enforcement to get it

GrayKey is the police’s best friend to crack into iPhone encryption

It’s a small box that allows law enforcement officials to crack into an iPhone 6s or an iPhone X. Will it be useful in the next year?

Android P rhymes with HP Elite x3 | #PNWeekly 295

The FBI recruited Best Buy employees as an arm of the law, but did it breach citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights? That plus Android P and HTC phone feedback on our show!
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20

EFF: FBI used Best Buy Geek Squad to extract evidence for prosecutions

Was the support team of Best Buy acting on behalf of the federal government to sweep up evidence for child porn possession prosecutions?

US consumers warned by government not to use Huawei or ZTE phones

China is considered one of the largest threats to cybersecurity worldwide by the United States’s intelligence agencies. Two fronts on the telecom field are getting stamped with black marks.

Yer A Wizard, Niantic! | #PNWeekly 278

A new roving AR game for Harry Potter fans is coming around next year! Plus, more controversy around the Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X on this week’s show!

The hot (and not so hot) news stories from Pocketnow in 2016

Microsoft and Google? Not so hot. Virtual reality and you? Very hot. The stories and narrative arcs of mobile technology in 2016.

Associated Press, Gannett, Vice sue FBI for San Bernardino iPhone hack details

Who created it? What intentions do they have in mind? Was it a proper use of government funds? It’s one of the iPhone 5c encryption issues that won’t die.

John Chen: Apple “should have a basic civil responsibility”

The BlackBerry CEO tore into Apple at the company’s Security Summit for not assisting the FBI in decrypting a terrorism suspect’s iPhone.

Can India crack an iPhone? It thinks so

The government believes it has a mobile forensics tool that can “handle” iPhones. This development still fresh in the wake of the San Bernardino issue.

LAPD cracked open an iPhone 5s before the FBI made San Bernardino hack

The department was investigating “The Shield” actor Michael Jace, alleged to have murdered his wife, and was able to get into a locked iPhone 5s.

FBI paid less than previously reported for iPhone hack (but still probably way, waaaay too much)

Despite last week’s description of the FBI iPhone 5c hack having cost north of $1M, the agency is now backtracking from that figure.

Brooklyn iPhone cracked by Justice Department, obviates case with Apple

The crack has nothing to do with the zero-day exploit the FBI acquired to crack the San Bernardino case. Someone just decided to turn in the passcode.

Cracking an iPhone ain’t cheap: FBI reveals the big bucks it paid for iPhone 5c access

The government paid over $1 million for the FBI iPhone hack used to access the infamous San Bernardino iPhone 5c.

No need to care about iPhone security leaves us scared about iPhone security

Even if you don’t care about your iPhone’s security, you should care about how Apple addresses this issue. Has it been adequate?

FBI’s iPhone-hack victory may be coming back to haunt it in other court battles with Apple

Should the government have to demonstrate in an FBI iPhone hack appeal that it’s exhausted its options to break in without Apple’s help?

FBI reportedly finds nothing of ‘real significance’ on decrypted iPhone 5c

Law enforcement hits another roadblock in an attempt to connect San Bernardino terrorists with other attacks, as hacked iPhone 5c contains no relevant data.

New report claims gray hat hackers, not Cellebrite, helped crack San Bernardino iPhone

It’s likely the FBI got “gray hat” hackers to decrypt the security on the San Bernardino iPhone 5c instead of the previously rumored mobile forensic firm.

FBI’s “outside party” suspected to be cracking iPhone 6

The suspected “outside party” that helped crack the San Bernardino iPhone for the FBI is now working on a deceased child’s iPhone 6 for a grieving father.

Recently unsealed court docs reveal more Apple resistance to unlock orders

Details from a new Apple iPhone unlock court case are just now coming to light, as the company resisted a court order back in February.

Apple can rest easy: FBI hack won’t work on modern iPhones

New details on the FBI iPhone hack vulnerability arrive: attack won’t work on Apple’s more recent smartphones.

FBI iPhone hack update: not saying if it found anything, while senators learn attack details

Get caught up with the latest FBI iPhone hack update news, including what our chances look like of ever learning if there was valuable intel to be found.