Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is CRAZY POWERFUL?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the rumored specs in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the new 5.4-inch iPhone and more

OPPO announces three new VOOC wired and wireless Flash Charge technologies

OPPO is taking charging one step further by announcing three new flash charge technologies that are crazy fast in topping up your phones.

The new OnePlus 7T will charge 23% faster with its new Warp Charge 30T

The new OnePlus 7T will come with fast charging technology that’s even faster than the one we have in the OnePlus 7 with Warp Charge

XDA tests how fast and hot Warp Charge 30 is on the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition

Warp Charge 30 means 30 watts of charging power at once, but what does it mean for performance and speed on the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition?
qualcomm wireless charging

Qualcomm: faster wired and wireless charging coming 2019

According to Qualcomm, the company is working on boosting both wired and wireless charging standards next year to save more time.

You’ll know if you bought a fake iPhone 9 charger

Because it will take forever and a day to charge. Actually, even if it’s a legit charger that properly fast charges according to USB rules, it may not work.

OnePlus won’t compromise on wireless charging and won’t have it until it’s better

The CEO of the company is looking for faster, more efficient and non-destructive ways to charge his phones. Until then, it’s business as usual.

Huawei SuperCharge crowned best of fast charging standards

SuperCharge beat out Google and Apple’s simpler systems as well as other adapter-based systems like OnePlus’s Dash Charge and Motorola’s Turbo Charge.

iPhone 9 fast charging power adapter revealed in pictures

It’s as fast as the rumors have envisioned and their shape looks just as rounded, too. And for many iPhone owners, charging isn’t the best as it can be.

Analyst believes LCD iPhone production fast-tracked by a month

A Rosenblatt analyst also has words about some charging components coming from different places and being more powerful than ever before.

OnePlus’s “Dash Charge” branding might be on the way out

The company said that it was not able to get a trademark on the term in Europe as it conflicted with terms associated with Bragi and Amazon.

Renders pop-up of European USB-C adapter for 2018 iPhones

Previously, designs have popped up for American plugs with USB-C connectors. All together, this will make charging speeds of up to more than three times faster than the current adapter possible.

Chinese rumors bring USB-C adapters to 2018 iPhones

That might not sound like anything to you at the moment, but it actually means that fast-charging abilities won’t be a privilege of the few.

Sony’s new USB-C headphone dongle (with extra charge port) provides bare convenience

Sure, you can listen to music with a standard pair of cans AND charge your phone at the same time, but you can’t charge it quickly nor transfer data to your phone.

Temperature disparately affects Pixel 2 XL rapid charging rate

More importantly, when the phone tells you that it’s “charging rapidly” in cold temperatures, it just isn’t. And that just won’t do.

Hopes for Razer Project Linda, crisis at LG Mobile | #PNWeekly 288

On this week’s show: a smartphone-laptop hybrid from Razer could come to market as a show of the company’s newfound dedication to mobile. Plus, is LG going to be releasing a phone this year?

Huawei gets internet excited over 5-minute charging tech from 2015

The demonstration video was initially released in 2015 in conjunction with a symposium on batteries at the time. It has been repurposed for use on Huawei’s YouTube channel today.

Samsung may remain conservative on Galaxy S9 battery

An anonymous employee at one of Samsung’s Chinese factories claims that the Galaxy S9 will have an increase in battery capacity, just a minor one.

There’s faster wireless charging, but no significant gains on iPhone X

A 7.5W wireless charge session will generate 20 perccent more power than a 5W charge. A 12W wire will get just under double a 5W charge can to an iPhone X.

Upcoming iOS 11.2 update will apparently enable faster wireless charging for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

Currently limited to 5W speeds, wireless charging capabilities on the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus will soon get a decent boost to 7.5 watts with iOS 11.2.

OnePlus will ‘consider adopting’ wireless charging ‘when the time is right’, 5T sticks to Dash Charge

OnePlus is obviously not opposed to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon down the line, but for the time being, Dash Charge is considered way better.

LG V30 has Qi Extended Power Profile for 8W wireless charging

It’s about 30 percent faster than regular Qi wireless charging rates and LG claims it to be the first phone that supports it.

Google Pixel 2 optimal charge rate is 18W, not 27W

If you have a Power Delivery-compliant 27W charging block, you can use it with your Pixel 2 XL, even. Just don’t expect those speeds.

iPhone X fast charging requires 29W USB-C adapter and cable

Rumors have said that the new iPhones charge at a rate of 10 watts. So, why go overkill with MacBook chargers and a new cable?

KGI moves up iPhone 8 production expectations, puts three colors on the table

And as to the colors for the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, we could see just three colors in production versus the five for the iPhone 7.