WhatsApp beta features reverse image search, in-app browser

It’s not exactly clear how the in-app browser will help cut the spread of fake news as much as the other feature on WhatsApp.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro contest required stuffing Best Buy page with positive reviews

Those who wanted to beta test the device in the United States had to participate in a contest promoted on Huawei Mobile’s Facebook page.

Carl Pei shuts down wild OnePlus X2 rumors, stressing fake news is bad

Nope, there are still no plans for a mid-range OnePlus X2, aka a sequel to the once-beloved OnePlus X, and anything claiming the opposite is fake news.

The Google Ultra Pixel hoax and some perspective on it

Yep, those leaked pictures from that video you saw the other day were… faked. So, even with skepticism, was it worth covering a fake story at all?

2016’s biggest tech winners and losers

2016 was certainly a tumultuous year for many tech companies, but these are the industry’s five biggest winners and five biggest losers in our opinion.

Google and Facebook take important steps to subdue online fake news circulation

It’s virtually impossible for Facebook and Google to completely rid the internet of fake news stories, but the trend needs to at least be contained.