Nova 3 ad
Did Huawei really fake this Nova 3 ad by using a DSLR? [Update x2]
A Huawei Nova 3 ad was allegedly faked by using professional equipment to take what was supposed to be a selfie. Check out the details!
iPhone SE 2 wannabe
iPhone SE 2 or Chinese Android iPhone X copy? Video shows it off
What does it look like to you? Maybe it could be the real iPhone X. Why are we even paying a shred of attention to this anyways?
The Google Ultra Pixel hoax and some perspective on it
Yep, those leaked pictures from that video you saw the other day were… faked. So, even with skepticism, was it worth covering a fake story at all?
An iPhone 8 leak spoiled… and it had Touch ID on the back
Well, at least one prominent tech talker is spoiling the photos we’re seeing of a fancy little iPhone 8 chassis. What’s all this intel leading us to?
Xiaomi, did you not learn from Nokia?
Some companies have tried dirty tricks to make their smartphone camera quality seem better. Learn how Xiaomi dropped the ball with fake Mi 3 photos.