You can now upgrade the cameras on the Fairphone 2

The rear camera goes up from 8 megapixels to 12 while the selfie unit goes from 2 to 5 megapixels. And you don’t toss the phone you have.

OG modular Fairphone 2 is still alive, still supported, getting Marshmallow update ‘soon’

Too late for an Android Marshmallow upgrade? Not as far as the long-forgotten modular Fairphone 2 is concerned.

Sailfish OS 2.0 and the Fairphone 2 hands-on (Video)

We’re looking at both a modular smartphone and Jolla’s Sailfish OS in our MWC 2016 Fairphone 2 video.

Modular, repairable Fairphone 2 finally starts shipping

The first Fairphone 2 shipments are off, giving consumers a repairable smartphone option.
Project Ara

Project Ara rearranging pieces for pilot launch schedule

Hey! It’s Project Ara! We still remember that ambitious group of people…

Fairphone vs. Project Ara: who to bet on at this point?

Furniture. Cafeteria food. Swiss army knives. All of these, when done well,…

Fairphone 2 intends to teach Project Ara how to do modular right

Learn more about the Fairphone 2, a new modular smartphone that takes a far different approach to what Project Ara has done lately