Apple Music being promoted in iOS push notifications — against App Store guidelines
Just because Apple makes the iPhone you use doesn’t mean you should be left with push notifications bothering you to subscribe to Apple Music.
Huawei reportedly demotes two employees for iPhone tweet
The consequences? A fairly large cut in monthly wages and demotions. All for a tweet that wasn’t just a simple mistake, but tipped the political tide.
Huawei’s New Year’s tweet from an iPhone was especially weird
Okay, this stuff happens. Most workplaces don’t really care about what your personal phone is and we do a lot of work on them. But this fail was odd.
Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 10 update
Xiaomi UK’s “Crazy Deal” failed spectacularly as a contest
It was supposed to be a random chance event where 10 lucky customers could get a phone for £1. But that wasn’t made obvious to the public.
Rubin woes, Xiaomi grows, MAKERphone glows | #PNWeekly 329
How does sexual misconduct at Google reflect on Android? Also on ouir show, we discuss Xiaomi’s politics and talk with a DIY phone creator.
Google+ will shut down after WSJ revealed private data exposure
The data breach allowed app developers to collect data from not only consenting users, but those who shared private data with those users.
First production lot of RED Hydrogen One Titanium flubbed
The most premium version of the already top-end RED Hydrogen One has failed to turn out at the factories, so the CEO is doing something about it.
Google pisses off Pixel owners by changing battery settings for them
In fact, any smartphone owner who had Android Pie on their device was susceptible to this seemingly random toggling of power saver settings…
Specs are all out there for upcoming Motorola P30 Play
The P30 and P30 Note are out in China, but someone pushed the Motorola webpage a little too early for the P30 Play. And there’s everything we need to know.
Service costs may go up thanks to Sprint/T-Mobile merger failure
Analysts predicted that consumer-side costs would go up if a Sprint/T-Mobile merger were to go through. Without a merger, they still might go up.
Sprint and T-Mobile jointly announce the end of merger discussions
It’s the second failure of negotiations in four years and leaves the carriers to fend for themselves against market leaders AT&T and Verizon.
600MHz support out of the question for T-Mobile Galaxy Note8
T-Mobile might throw its weight around these days, bragging about a big…
LeEco payroll held back in US as morale falls, defectors move
Employees got checks today that were supposed to come in on Friday. It’s the latest rumored development of many that put the company in bad shape.
Synaptics failed Samsung in getting an on-screen fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S8
One source claims that Samsung put a lot of money into getting it working, but component-maker Synaptics couldn’t make it happen.
Is Honor failing in the US? Customer data migrating out of United States to Germany
Those who have signed up for an Honor ID to participate in the forums or keep up with what’s going on at the company will keep those creds.
ZTE Hawkeye officially getting retooled, fund on Kickstarter canceled
What the crowd envisioned to be the Hawkeye was not what ZTE brought to Kickstarter. People weren’t happy. So, the company listened.
Blancco: iOS fail rate epically skyrockets past Android for the first time
Blancco Technology Group reported that this is the first time Apple’s mobile operating system bit more dust than Google’s.
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The taco emoji. That’s it, thanks for reading. In any year, you’ll…
Off-beat: NFL teams can’t use their Surface tablets and the stadium printer
Microsoft has been good at chasing business with its Surface line of…
Amazon 3D Phone rumors
Here’s how Amazon could do a 3D phone and not fail
Rumors are surfacing about Amazon playing with the idea of finally bringing…