Group FaceTime

Apple releases iOS 12.1.4 to fix FaceTime and other bugs

Apple has issued an update to fix FaceTime. However, iOS 12.1.4 is also fixing two relatively severe zero-day vulnerabilities.

iOS 12.1.4 is out with fix to Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug

The bug that allowed users to eavesdrop on anyone who could be put into a Group FaceTime call is finally patched up in the latest iOS update.
Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime bug fixed by Apple, software update coming next week

The Group FaceTime bug that allowed for eavesdropping has been fixed by Apple, according to a recent report, and a fix is coming next week.

Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug was apparently reported to Apple more than a week ago

In the mobile world, some bugs can take forever to squash, if ever at all. But Group FaceTime was just released to high demand. What’s wrong here?

Apple disables Group FaceTime while it fixes the exploit that allows spying

Apple has disabled the group FaceTime feature until it manages to fix a bug which allowed users to spy on third parties using a simple exploit.

Apple sued over iMessage, FaceTime encryption patent infringement

Finnish company MPH Technologies got Apple sued over patent infringement. iMessage and FaceTime are infringing its patents.
Group FaceTime

Apple removes Group FaceTime calls from iOS 12, will deliver “later this fall”

Those of you waiting for the Group FaceTime feature to reach your Apple devices with iOS 12 will have to wait longer as Apple delays the feature.

Apple’s giving a new camera (and some tongue) to Messages and Memoji

Animoji can now capture you sticking out your tongue. You can also FaceTime with up to 31 of your closest friends in just a single call.

Patent troll wins another $500 million+ from Texas jury, but Apple is unlikely to pay

Notorious patent troll VirnetX has one more reason to celebrate, being awarded more than half a billion dollars by a US jury in its seemingly never-ending dispute with Apple. But the decision will be appealed.

iPhone and Android cameras don’t care for Vic Gundotra | #PNWeekly 264

Are Android phone camera experiences really “years behind” the iPhone experience? That’s what one former executive Googler said. We dive in on our show.

Apple can’t convince judge to dismiss class action lawsuit alleging intentional FaceTime crippling

That FaceTime-related class action lawsuit is getting serious, as Apple fails to win over judge in attempt to relinquish all accusations of wrongdoing.

KGI analyst sees 5.2-inch iPhone 8 display, indicative of 4.7-inch form factor [UPDATE]

Rumors have split between the iPhone 8 having a 5.8-inch wraparound OLED screen and an iPhone with a 5-inch form factor. Maybe this is the both of them.

Class action lawsuit points the finger at Apple for intentionally crippling FaceTime on iOS 6

Yet another class action lawsuit alleges intentional Apple damage of FaceTime functionality on iOS 6 a few years back to force iOS 7 updates.

A tale of iMessage on Android and of Apple opening source

A rumor claims that Apple designers made mock-ups of what iMessage could have looked like on Android. That project may still be dead.

Patent hoarder VirnetX defeats Apple in Texas retrial, but appeals could change everything… again

Apple is dealt another temporary blow in its futile efforts to keep patent trolls at bay, technically needing to pay one $300+ million.

Oppo F1 Plus vs iPhone 6S: Selfie Camera Battle

Selfie’s are a big deal, and Oppo thinks they’ve got a monster solution. A phone with a 16MP front camera. Here’s out Oppo F1 vs iPhone 6S selfie battle!

Apple owes $626 million in damages to patent holding company

Cupertino will have to pay about $626 million to Arizona-based VirnetX. It’s another stop in a long legal saga between the two companies.

iOS 6 users on iOS 7-compatible devices must upgrade to use FaceTime

Even though many of us complained harshly at how Apple slept in…

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Apple’s FaceTime may be popular amongst the Apple crowd. But what if you have an Android smartphone? Discover the best alternatives to FaceTime on Android.

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