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Pocketnow Daily: Facebook VS Apple: The Ads are Getting Hilarious (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the latest chapter in the Apple VS Facebook saga, the new 14-inch MacBook Pro, and more.
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Facebook wants you to believe that ads are good in the name of small businesses
Facebook argues that personalized ads are how users discover new products, and that is also how small businesses reach new customers.
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Facebook’s new BARS app will help aspiring rappers with sicks beats as they spit verses
Not everyone has access to studio-grade tools and instruments to make beats for their rap verses, which is where BARS steps in to help.
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FB wants to make “Hey Facebook” a thing
Oculus Quest users can say, “Hey Facebook” to interact with the device hands-free.
News on Facebook gets restored in Australia
A few days back, Facebook blocked publishers and residents from sharing news…
Facebook’s Empire shows Australia who’s boss (why you need the Freedom-Friendly Fediverse)
With Facebook changing policies to hurt Australian businesses, maybe it’s time to look at a more ethical alternative to Facebook again.
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Google, Facebook, and Twitter CEOs will be grilled by Congress over misinformation
Congress committee will question Google, Facebook, and Twitter heads over how their platforms handled COVID-19 and election misinformation.
Facebook prepping a smartwatch with cellular connectivity and social tricks for 2022 debut
Facebook’s smartwatch will support standalone cellular connectivity, which means you don’t need to pair it with a phone for sending messages.
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Facebook is busy cloning Clubhouse. Of course, because it can, and has done so in the past too!
Facebook’s audio-driven chat product – ‘inspired’ by Clubhouse – is in its early stages of development, says a report by The New York Times.
Facebook vaccine
Facebook will tell when and where you can get vaccinated, vows to remove vaccine hoaxes
The COVID-19 Information Center on Facebook will help people find details such as vaccine eligibility criteria and where they can get it.
Messenger Oculus
Facebook brings Messenger to Oculus because we all love chatting on VR headsets
If typing a Messenger response using the Oculus controller sounds nightmarish, there is thankfully a voice-to-text feature.
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Facebook will urge users to allow activity tracking as stricter Apple policies go into effect
Facebook will start showing a prompt to some users, urging them to enable activity tracking in order to provide them a better ad experience.
Facebook is reportedly dipping its toes in the world of newsletters
The social media giant’s newsletter tool is in its early stages of development and will allow writers to build a follower base on Facebook.
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Pocketnow Daily: Facebook is SUING Apple Over Privacy Changes?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the latest Apple vs Facebook issue, Apple’s sales the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and more.
facebook apple antitrust
Facebook plans anti-trust lawsuit against Apple as war over iOS privacy updates heats up
Zuckerberg indirectly called out Apple for misleading claims about user privacy, while Tim Cook launched a few veiled attacks too.
Facebook AAT
Facebook is getting better at providing more details to visually impaired users
The AAT alt text descriptions are available in 45 different languages.
facebook aat
Facebook upgrades AAT system that generates photo descriptions for visually impaired users
Facebook says that it has increased the number of ‘concepts’ that the AAT system can reliably identify in a photo by a factor of 10X.
WhatsApp says it can’t see your shared location; its privacy policy says otherwise
WhatsApp has been under pressure recently. This is because it updated its…
Facebook instagram suspend trump pocketnow
Facebook and Instagram suspend Donald Trump indefinitely
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has mentioned that the suspension of Trump’s account will remain in place for at least the next two weeks.
Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages get a design makeover and dedicated News Feed
Interestingly, Facebook is removing the Likes count for Pages, and is instead Focusing on the number of Followers.
WhatsApp now shares data with FB companies: Accept the changes or lose access
The new WhatsApp privacy policy and terms of service provides information on how the app collects and handles user data.
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Pocketnow Daily: Galaxy S21 Ultra Certification: Here’s What It REVEALS! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21, a possible Apple Car, the new Apple TV, and more.
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In ‘Privacy vs Business’ war with Apple, Facebook faces criticism from within
Facebook says the tussle is not about its own business model, but employees aren’t convinced about the stance taken when it comes to privacy.
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Facebook targets Apple over privacy policy update, Apple says users must get a choice
Apple says Facebook need not change its approach towards personalised ads, it only has to offer users a choice.
New legislation in EU would promote competition and protect users from big tech companies
New regulations in the EU could force companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon and more, to change to let other smaller companies compete