Facebook launches a new Messenger app for Windows and macOS

The new Messenger app for PC and Mac brings seamless chat and call syncing across mobile and desktop, and also has a dark mode.

Faster, smaller, simpler Facebook Messenger coming to the iPhone

Facebook announced a that a faster, smaller, simpler version of its Messenger app will be coming to the iPhone in the coming weeks.

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Facebook F8 developer conference

Coronavirus effect: Facebook cancels F8 Developer Conference scheduled in May

Facebook will organize “a combo of locally hosted events, videos, and live-streamed content.”

Facebook’s new Hobbi app is a Pinterest wannabe for documenting hobbies

Facebook wants Hobbi to be the next Pinterest, but the premise of its new app is way too limited to emerge as a legitimate threat.

The fate of MWC 2020 will be decided this Friday

The upcoming MWC 2020 is at risk of being canceled, and we could get a final decision on this next Friday, February 14th
Instagram DM reactions

Facebook Reactions-like feature coming soon to Instagram DMs

You will soon be able to react to Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram. The company is said to be working on DM reactions since late October 2019.

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Facebook has stopped plans to insert ads into WhatsApp, for now

According to a new report, Facebook plans for integrating ads into WhatsApp may be on hold, at least for a while
OnePlus 8 Lite

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Facebook may not integrate WhatsApp and Instagram because of the FTC

It seems that Facebook may soon start its WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger integration, but the Federal Trade Commission may want to think otherwise

“Frost” makes Facebook almost tolerable

The Facebook app on Android is not very well-designed and kind of bloated. There are a lot of ethical reasons to avoid it too. Frost for Facebook is a web wrapper that actually brings some excellent features to Facebook on Android.

Facebook to append its name to Instagram and WhatsApp

A recent report, later confirmed by Facebook, describes how the social media giant will append its name to WhatsApp and Instagram, for branding purposes.

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Facebook is finally paying for its issues to the tune of $5B – but Joshua Vergara and Jaime Rivera discuss why this might not be enough.

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Huawei P30 Huawei P30 Pro

Google: the Huawei ban itself is a national security threat to the U.S.

Google issued a warning that a sweeping Huawei ban by the U.S. is, by itself, a national security threat. Facebook blocks Huawei from pre-installing apps.

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Kirin 980

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