Chromebooks with fingerprint sensors are just a matter of time

We may soon get fingerprint sensors and facial recognition in the future Chromebooks, maybe even as soon as the new Pixelbooks arrive

Vivo will soon take on Apple’s Face ID with innovative 3D sensing solution

Vivo’s latest mobile industry breakthrough is a TOF 3D sensing solution that, at least on paper, looks more complex and promising than Apple’s Face ID tech.

Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 Explorer Edition and Mi 8 SE phones are official in China

To celebrate the company’s eight anniversary, Xiaomi has officially taken the wraps off the highly anticipated Mi 8, as well as the truly remarkable Mi 8 Explorer Edition and slightly lower-end Mi 8 SE.

New hands-on video purports to show Xiaomi Mi 8 version with translucent back

Just in case the fast-approaching Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone didn’t feel exciting enough, a freshly leaked video appears to confirm both in-display fingerprint recognition and an eye-catching translucent backplate.

Xiaomi Mi 8 announcement scheduled for May 31, starting price could be as low as $440

To celebrate the company’s eight anniversary, an ultra-high-end Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone will be unveiled on May 31, possibly with in-display fingerprint recognition and 3D facial scanning in tow.

Xiaomi Mi 7 could beat Samsung and Huawei flagships to the 3D sensing punch this Q3

While Samsung and Huawei may need to hold off until next year on adopting Face ID-rivaling 3D sensing tech, the Xiaomi Mi 7 is expected out this Q3 with a complex facial recognition feature in tow.

OPPO and Xiaomi may be able to challenge Face ID with 3D sensing Androids next year

The iPhone X is the world’s only 3D sensing mobile device right now, but OPPO and Xiaomi are expected to integrate technology similar to Face ID in 2018.

Face ID is so hot that Android OEMs are ready to give up under-screen fingerprint development

It’s not going to be easy for technologies similar to Apple’s Face ID to go mainstream, but Android smartphone makers are definitely interested.

More details on iPhone 8 ‘Pearl ID’ crop up, along with 4K Apple TV ‘confirmation’

Pearl ID, aka Face Unlock, on the upcoming iPhone 8 is truly starting to sound like a competent Touch ID replacement. That 4K Apple TV is exciting too.

A ‘done deal’: This is the final iPhone 8 front design, confirmed by Apple, alongside Face Unlock

Plenty of plausible iPhone 8 renders have been floating around of late, but this sketch comes directly from Apple, along with Face Unlock confirmation.

Bloomberg adds to the growing pile of iPhone 8 with ‘3-D’ face scanner rumors

Instead of using an ill-placed Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Apple’s iPhone 8 could rely exclusively on facial recognition for biometric authentication.

Apple is now rumored to be working with LG Innotek on 3D facial recognition system for iPhone 8

With Touch ID possibly out of the equation, Apple needs a killer iPhone 8 facial recognition feature, and LG Innotek may help get it done.

Facial recognition should eventually go ‘mainstream’, but it may take Samsung several years

You’ll probably have to wait a few more years before securely authorizing mobile payments with your face, at least on Samsung devices.
LG G6 review

Facial recognition software may arrive soon on LG G6, with secure payment support

Both LG Pay support and “3D face scanning” tech could be enabled on the LG G6 in a couple of months, with the two services even working together.
Galaxy S8+ hands-on

Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature is predictably susceptible to trickery

By no means a “foolproof security measure”, the new face authentication function of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ can be fooled by a photograph, it seems.

Here’s a leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 event poster, and more info on facial recognition

Samsung is more and more likely to integrate fingerprint, iris and facial payment authorization tech into the Galaxy S8. Also, here’s an event poster.

Samsung Galaxy S8 tipped to support facial recognition along with fingerprint and iris scanner

Before Apple’s iPhone 8 can “innovate” with a face scanner in tow, the Samsung Galaxy S8 should include a whopping three layers of biometric security.

iPhone 8 looks more and more likely to feature face scanner, possibly replacing Touch ID sensor

A “wraparound” OLED screen, mostly glass construction, wireless charging support AND facial recognition tech? No wonder the iPhone 8 might cost $1,000.