Samsung foldable clamshell smartphone

Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to BEAT the Moto RAZR?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’s availability, more iPhone 9 models on the way and more

We could expect a new notchless iPhone in 2020 with in-display Touch ID

Rumors of a new iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID are starting to pick up momentum, while we wait for more information on this year’s new models

Touch ID could make its way back to 2020 iPhones

It seems that Apple may be getting ready to give us a new iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID with in-display fingerprint sensors

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Could the next Apple Watch include Face ID?

Apple has been granted several patents that include interesting features that may come in a future Apple Watch series that include cameras and maybe Face ID
Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S11 may copy a key iPhone feature

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be the first Galaxy device to include new 3D sensing facial recognition features

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Would you like the 2020 iPhone 11s Pro to look like this?

After rumors surfaced about Apple possibly ditching the notch on 2020 iPhones and possibly going with an all screen design, we’ve not got the above and below concept renders.

In-display Touch ID rumored for 2020 iPhone

The 2020 iPhone is rumored to feature an in-display Touch ID system, which, even if pushed back to 2021, would work in tandem with Face ID.
Pixel 4 render

Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL Specs LEAKED! (video)

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Apple patent application suggests Face ID could be coming to the Mac

A recent patent application suggests that Apple could be bringing Face ID, or Face ID-like capabilities to Mac computers.
Face ID

The 2021 iPhone could have both Face ID and Touch ID

Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting that the 2021 iPhone will offer both Touch ID, via an in-display scanner, and Face ID security options.
Mate 20 Pro report

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Pocketnow Daily: Apple is KILLING Face ID & The Notch?! (video)

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Face ID

Apple to ditch the notch and develop in-display Touch ID sensor

Several reports talk about the possibility of at least one full-screen Apple iPhone that would ditch the notch and adopt an in-display Touch ID sensor.

Report: In China, Apple to ditch Face ID for Touch ID to keep iPhone prices down

Several reports from China surfaced recently, suggesting that Apple will release a Touch ID-enabled iPhone, without Face ID, specifically for China.

Apple to bring back Touch ID on 2020 iPhones with a full-screen version?

A recent report is trying to anticipate some of the key features of the 2020 iPhones, mentioning a possible return of the Touch ID.
iPhone 11 Max

Kuo: Frosted iPhone XI, 32GB RAM on 13-inch MacBook Pro

The smallest MacBook Pro may get the most active memory it has ever seen this year. Plus, a new look iPhone this September?

WhatsApp update brings Face ID or Touch ID locking functionality

The new WhatsApp update for iPhone brings the ability to lock down your application and require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it.

Is the iPhone SE 2 back on the table for 2019?

A new budget iPhone could be coming four years after the original iPhone SE debuted and several months of drought for value seekers.

No Face ID on cheaper iPad models, code reveals

A recent code breakdown of the iOS 12.2 beta reveals that there will be four new iPad models that will be lacking Face ID functionality.

Apple may have found a way to get rid of the notch created by Face ID

Apple may have finally found the way to get rid of the Notch while keeping all the benefits of Face ID, and we could even see bezels disappear

Sony could give us better camera tech than what’s found in Face ID

Time of Flight technology is becoming stronger for 3D sensing purposes in cameras, and Sony could be getting ready for the demand

It’s said that Apple may give us 3D rear cameras in their iPhones

Apple could be giving us Sony 3D sensors in the main cameras of future iPhones that would help in 3D content creation and more

Goodbye Cydia, Hello Snapdragon 855 | #PNWeekly 337

On our show this week, another edition of #Bendgate, hopes redux or hopes reduced for Touch ID’s comeback and Cydia shuts down.