iPhone 13 Pro Graphite Color
Face ID on iPhone 13 will stop working if you get a third-party screen replacement
Apple has found a way to make third-party repairs more complicated, as getting your display fixed will disable Face ID on your iPhone 13
Face ID
Face ID that works with masks allegedly being tested by Apple
It seems that wearing a mask or having foggy glasses won’t be a problem to unlock your device with the new Face ID system
Face ID
Under display Touch ID no, in-screen Face ID yes
Reports suggest that Apple has tested under-display fingerprint scanners for Touch ID but decided against. In-screen Face ID could be a go though.
pocketnow iPhone 12
iPhone 13 could get new color options, while Apple works to get rid of the notch
The latest iPhone rumors suggest that the upcoming lineup will feature new color options, and it seems that we may get new UD sensors
Face ID Mac
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ios 14.5
iOS 14.5 beta allows unlocking an iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a mask
Aside from the ability to unlock an iPhone using the Apple Watch, iOS 14.5 beta also adds support for next-gen console controllers.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
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It seems that we could soon get Face ID in future Macs
Face ID and its TrueDepth camera system may soon find its way to future Macs
Facebook testing Face ID or Touch ID locking for Messenger
Facebook is reportedly testing a feature that would allow Messenger users to lock their inbox and keep prying eyes away.
Google Drive app on iOS gets Face ID and Touch ID support
The new Privacy Screen feature asks users to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID everytime the Google Drive app is opened.
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Face ID Mac
Apple makes it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a face mask
Face ID will no longer repeatedly try to verify a face while wearing a mask, as users can now go to the passcode screen with a single swipe.
Android alternatives to the iPhone SE in India, Prakhar Khanna, ParkyPRakhar
Does the new iPhone SE 2020 come with Face ID?
Curious to know if the recently launched iPhone SE comes with Face ID? Well, here’s the answer to your curiosity.
iPhone 11 Pro camera
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You can now enable Eyes open requirement to face unlock your Google Pixel 4
Now Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users will have to have their eyes open to unlock their devices with facial recognition
Samsung foldable clamshell smartphone
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We could expect a new notchless iPhone in 2020 with in-display Touch ID
Rumors of a new iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID are starting to pick up momentum, while we wait for more information on this year’s new models
Touch ID could make its way back to 2020 iPhones
It seems that Apple may be getting ready to give us a new iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID with in-display fingerprint sensors
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Could the next Apple Watch include Face ID?
Apple has been granted several patents that include interesting features that may come in a future Apple Watch series that include cameras and maybe Face ID
Galaxy S10
The Samsung Galaxy S11 may copy a key iPhone feature
It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be the first Galaxy device to include new 3D sensing facial recognition features
iPhone 11 Pro price in India
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Would you like the 2020 iPhone 11s Pro to look like this?
After rumors surfaced about Apple possibly ditching the notch on 2020 iPhones and possibly going with an all screen design, we’ve not got the above and below concept renders.
iphone 13 pro touch id
In-display Touch ID rumored for 2020 iPhone
The 2020 iPhone is rumored to feature an in-display Touch ID system, which, even if pushed back to 2021, would work in tandem with Face ID.
Pixel 4 render
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