Confirmed OPPO F7 features include 6.2-inch ‘Super Full Screen’, 25MP selfie camera and notch

An iPhone X-style notch helps the OPPO F7 achieve an 89 percent screen-to-body ratio, while AI functionality makes the 25MP front camera shine.

Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X were among Google’s top three 2017 global searches

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been by far the most popular consumer tech devices in 2017 Google searches, ahead of the Nintendo Switch and Galaxy S8.

OPPO A79 makes China debut with 2:1 OLED screen, AI-enhanced 16MP front camera

The OPPO A79 is the Chinese company’s latest domestic “full screen” smartphone, officially priced at around $365 with single 16MP rear and front cameras.

OPPO F5 Youth gives the youth big selfies for a budget

The most affordable variant of the latest “Selfie Expert” generation of phones from OPPO is getting around to Filipinos right now.

OPPO F5 brings ‘full screen’ design, AI-enhanced front camera and face unlock to India

The OPPO F5 is about more than just a phenomenal front camera with AI enhancements, also sporting thin screen bezels and yet costing $308 in India.

OPPO R11s takes unique dual camera approach, also boasting stellar screen-to-body ratio

Similar but overall superior to the F5 “selfie expert”, the OPPO R11s might share its very eye-catching design with the upcoming OnePlus 5T.

OPPO F5 ‘selfie expert’ is properly unveiled with single AI-enhanced front camera, ‘full screen’ design

Following a long and unconventional buzz-building campaign, the selfie-focused OPPO F5 has been properly announced and fully detailed in the Philippines.

‘Full-screen’ OPPO R11s lays its cards on the table ahead of OnePlus 5T announcement

If the OPPO R11 foreshadowed the OnePlus 5, the OPPO R11s “pre-announced” today and due out on November 2 could offer us a preview of the OP5T design.

Better pictures of OnePlus 5T leak with 2:1 display in clear view

It’s a lot like the OPPO F5 in terms of the frontal design. The cameras have just been switched around a bit is all. Will it sell?

OPPO F5 will split on RAM, OPPO F5 Youth drops a selfie camera

Dual selfie cameras on the two main models with one getting more RAM than the other. The Youth loses out on the extra selfie shooter.

OPPO F5 to insist on Selfie Expert position with 12MP dual cameras

The single 20-megapixel camera on the back gets paired to those two selfie cameras in this spec leak from a Southeast Asian retailer.

OPPO pre-announces ‘full-screen’ F5 with A.I. selfie tech for India and Southeast Asia

A “full-screen” design, FHD+ display resolution and A.I. beauty recognition technology are so far the only confirmed features of the impending OPPO F5.

Save the October 26 date for the proper, official OPPO F5 announcement

The cat is pretty much out of the bag already, but the OPPO F5 “selfie expert” is still slated for a formal October 26 launch event in the Philippines.

OPPO F5 may get turned into OnePlus 5T or even OnePlus 6

Just as there was a OnePlus 3T to the OnePlus 3, there may be a OnePlus 5T to the OnePlus 5. We don’t know if it will take on the form of a new OPPO phone.

Next-gen OPPO F5 ‘selfie expert’ is splashed across social media with slim bezels

Although it’s technically unreleased and announced, the OPPO F5 is all over social media in the hands of Asian stars, holding very few secrets.