Huawei P40 vs Samsung Galaxy S20
Pocketnow Daily: Why People HATE Exynos On Samsung Galaxy Phones?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the petition against Exynos procesors in Samsung Galaxy phones, leaks of the OnePlus 8 Pro and more
Apparently, some users don’t want Exynos processors in their Samsung smartphones
It seems that several users are not satisfied with Exynos processors in their Samsung Galaxy flagship devices, and they want this to stop
Snapdragon 865 version of the Galaxy S11 may be available in more markets
It seems that you will soon be able to get a new Samsung Galaxy S11 with a Snapdragon processor in more places around the world
New renders give us the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S11e
We have new renders of the new Samsung Galaxy S11e that gets some design changes when compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S10e
The Samsung Galaxy S11 5G will bring tons of power according to benchmarks
The new 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have tons of RAM under its hood, but maybe not as much storage as its LTE variant
Samsung Exynos 7904 announced, especially for India
Samsung officially announced the Exynos 7904 mobile application processor, an octa-core chip, designed especially for the Indian market.
It seems that Snapdragon is better than Exynos in the Samsung Galaxy S10
These are not final retail units, but the tests on the Samsung Galaxy S10 variants show that the one with a Snapdragon processor is more powerful
Samsung will launch its first triple camera smartphone this year
Now we know which is the first Samsung device that will come with four cameras on October 11th, the new Samsung Galaxy A7
Netherlands may get up to 8GB RAM in the Galaxy Note 9
The next step up from here is 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. But will it happen in places other than Asia and Benelux?
Galaxy Note 9 support page appears on Samsung Sweden site
The expected model number of the device has appeared on Samsung’s Swedish support databank and it’s one bearing an Exynos chipset.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8
Samsung revenues expected to slump on Galaxy S9
The company itself has already culled down estimates on sales and revenue, but investors are wringing their hands over innovation.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets benchmarked with Exynos 9810 SoC and 6GB RAM
The first Exynos 9810-powered Samsung Galaxy Note 9 benchmark has surfaced online a full two months after the Snapdragon 845 variant also flexed its pre-release Geekbench muscle.
TSMC starts Apple A12 chip production, Samsung not far behind with its own 7nm design
The 7nm-based Apple A12 processor expected to power those three next-gen iPhones in the fall has reportedly entered mass production at TSMC. Meanwhile, Samsung is getting close to manufacturing its own 7nm chip for 2019 flagship Androids.
The “OnePlus 6 can’t Avenge net neutrality” Edition | #PNWeekly 305
Believe it or not, net neutrality has not been saved by this week’s Senate vote. And it probably won’t be if the House and Donald Trump have anything to do with it. That, plus the launch of the OnePlus 6 on this week’s show!
Samsung is ‘talking to all OEMs’, ZTE included, to expand the reach of its Exynos chips
Samsung’s in-house Exynos processors, currently powering exclusively Galaxy devices and a few Meizu phones, may soon expand to handsets made by more companies, including ZTE.
Exynos Galaxy S9’s quick battery drain explained away
It’s quicker to drain relative to a Galaxy S9 powered by a Qualcomm chip and quicker compared to the iPhone X, Huawei P10 and other phones. So what gives? Samsung says not much.
Samsung Exynos 9610 SoC supports mid-range AI photography and enhanced face detection
No, the Exynos 9610 is technically not an ultra-high-end new mobile processor, but it does include plenty of “premium” features and capabilities.
Samsung fully details mid-tier Exynos 7872 SoC with hexa-core CPU and iris camera support
Samsung waited for the Meizu M6s smartphone announcement before listing the full and very respectable specs of the Exynos 5 Series 7872 processor.
Samsung randomly confirms Exynos 9810 name and main specs, Galaxy S9 debut seems likely
Samsung’s “latest” 10nm-based flagship processor is called Exynos 9810, most likely looking at a commercial debut on the Galaxy S9 in certain regions.
Software-unlimiting the Galaxy Note 8 camera brings 4K HDR video
And it’s not just the Galaxy Note 8’s camera — the S8- and S7-types can get in on this madness as well. It’s best if you have an Exynos version.
Samsung reportedly hogs Snapdragon 845 chips, may go modular for the Galaxy S9
Samsung has taken up pretty much all of the Snapdragon 845 chips for the start of the year, when the Galaxy S9 may launch with… Moto Mods?
Samsung’s latest VR prototype tries on eye tracking and hand tracking, doesn’t need a phone or PC
An internal third-gen Samsung VR prototype has been showcased in Shanghai recently with an “all-in-one” design and eye tracking functionality.
Samsung still wants TSMC’s Snapdragon 845 inside Galaxy S9, in-house 6nm move planned for 2019
Samsung’s disappointment with Qualcomm’s TSMC partnership for the Snapdragon 845 shouldn’t deprive the Galaxy S9 from the best possible SoC.
Samsung’s ‘Next Exynos’ SoC could actually be called 9-something, power certain Galaxy S8 models
Not only will Samsung likely hog the Snapdragon 835, but possibly equip the Galaxy S8 in some markets with a crazy powerful new Exynos 9-series SoC.
Samsung makes long overdue jump from 28 to 14nm wearable processors with Exynos 7270
The Samsung Exynos 7270 is the industry’s very first 14nm-based mobile application processor designed specifically for wearables.