iPhone XS Max explodes in man’s back pocket, report claims

An iPhone XS Max explodes in a man’s back pocket, according to a recent report. Check out the story and the pictures attached.

Fold me, ‘splode me, iPhone and Galaxy | #PNWeekly 332

The Galaxy F gets a few new views while an iPhone X explodes after a software update. Also on our show, why you should buy a Mac Mini and iPad Pro together.

iPhone X exploded after being upgraded to iOS 12.1

There has been a report saying that an iPhone X exploded after being updated to iOS 12.1 so you should wait a bit longer before upgrading

Galaxy Note 9 battery overheats, smokes out, now subject of lawsuit

According to a lawsuit, a New York woman was inside an elevator with a Note 9 oozing smoke and that Samsung should’ve known about the defection.

Heat stress believed to be cause of iPhone 6s battery explosion at repair shop

If your iPhone’s getting hot and bothered, it may be causing the battery inside to bloat, allowing the screen to crack more easily. Get that battery replaced.

Apple is investigating AirPod that caught fire

What caused only one AirPod to swirl in smoke and then pop and spark during a workout? The user and Apple wants to know.

HP voluntarily recalls 50,000+ computer batteries posing fire and burn hazards

At least 50,000 HP laptops and mobile workstations sold between December 2015 and December 2017 are unsafe to use due to potentially overheating batteries.

AAA batteries in Apple headphones explode, company says it’s a “third-party” issue

Apple doesn’t make AAA batteries, did not include any with the headphones and did not specify any that should be used in the headphones, the victim claims.

Fitbit Flex 2 exploded from “external forces,” claimant protests

“I don’t have a dishonest bone in my body, nobody is trying to get over on Fitbit or be dishonest with them,” the injured owner of the Flex 2 said.

Even wearables are exploding nowadays, with Fitbit ‘actively investigating’ such an incident

Fitbit is faced with an allegation Samsung has had to tackle many times last year, though chances are this Flex 2 incident is either fake or isolated.

Galaxy Note 7 refurb leaked in Vietnam, release imminent

Several elements of Samsung’s scheme to bring back the Galaxy Note 7 have been shown off in leaked photos of the device in Vietnam.

Remember those iPhone 7 shells? An iPad bomb might’ve come into a terrorism plot

Cabin bans on tablets and laptops from several Middle Eastern countries may have been triggered by intelligence of, in part, an iPad bomb plot.

Melting iPhone 7 Plus caught on camera, Apple ‘in touch’ with owner and investigating

Is there “literally no explanation” for the latest allegedly random iPhone 7 Plus melting incident? Apple will try to find out.

Emerging markets could see Galaxy Note 7 revived with smaller battery

The company has thumbed India and Vietnam to get the refurbished Note 7 units that will be equipped with a smaller battery than the one originally provided.

Fire in waste unit erupts at Samsung SDI factory in China

No reports of major implications have come out of this fire in the Beijing-adjacent city of Tianjin, but there is the perception factor.

Samsung dissects Galaxy Note 7 cause of death

The failure points center around the battery: missing insulation tape which was thin to begin with and extremely tight design tolerances contributed.

Samsung will globally live stream Galaxy Note 7 explanation event on January 23 (22 in US)

It’s officially official now – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigations are over, with findings and a quality enhancement plan going public in a few days.

Verizon Galaxy Note 7 users who bypass stop-charge update will soon face no kid gloves

The owners of the recalled phone number in the thousands. And after such a drawn out take-in process, the network has decided to play tough with them.

Reuters told that Galaxy Note 7 probe squarely blames faulty batteries

Contrary to information provided from a company source to a Korean outlet, the wire service is being told that a different main reason for the blasts.

Supposed Galaxy Note 7 autopsy leaked out a week early

An official said that the smartphone fell victim to feature overload, poor design for heat dispersion and unchecked thermal runaway.

LG once again feels the need to declare G6’s battery safe

The big safeguard the chaebol is promoting in order to ensure consumers’ attention to safety is met? A heat pipe. Like on the Galaxy Note 7.

Guiltless of Note 7 failure, Samsung SDI is to make Galaxy S8 batteries

The company that provided the Galaxy Note 7 with batteries that exploded on the odd case is reportedly not to blame for those events.

The Sony Xperia XZ is the most popular flagship from the second half of 2016

Sony has Samsung to thank with its Note 7 crash and burn. But even at this point, the Note 7 is still being used more than the V20, 3T and Bolt combined.

Next European Galaxy Note 7 discharge update progresses to 30 percent

The software update will limit the recalled phone’s top battery charge to 30 percent of its capacity. Remaining users should see it from December 15.

US carriers detail Note 7 discharge update and why Verizon didn’t announce a date

Verizon refuses to send out the update to its Note 7 users because it wants to let them get through the holidays. AT&T and Sprint will send it in January.