The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is now available at Verizon

You can already get your new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G through the and several other authorized stores, but only for Verizon

The White Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been officially launched in Taiwan

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 called First Snow White has been launched in Taiwan, and we can only hope to get this device in other markets

Huawei Mate 20 renders also suggest “teardrop” notch

Our partners at XDA obtained photos and information from a source and have thus converted it into renders for our viewing pleasure.

XDA video exclusively shows Fortnite Mobile on Android leaked gameplay

Fortnite’s coming to Android and the word has been that it would be hitting the Galaxy Note 9 first. Here’s a visual taste of what’s to come.

Fourth new color for Essential Phone only on Amazon

The Halo Gray color, not much like the limited edition Stellar Gray color at all, also comes with a new feature: Alexa pre-installed.

Rogers snags Really Blue Pixel exclusivity in Canada

The Google phone comes in three colors and that third color has been an elusive kind to come by. It will be less so in Canada soon enough.

Exclusive: Samsung Gear 3 details leak, curved display expected

We’ve just heard some exclusive Samsung Gear 3 details from our insider source, and it looks like this smartwatch could get a curved display.

iWatch to come in two models – Sports and Designer – with iPod capabilities? (Exclusive)

Rumors continue to arrive regarding what we can expect from Apple’s iWatch…
Exclusive Deals Hurt

Exclusive deals are hurting, not helping, the smartphone market

Carriers, OEMs, & content providers aren’t getting the benefits they thought. Instead, exclusive deals hurt the smartphone market.

OEMs should remove the word “exclusive” from their vocabularies

Exclusives do nothing to help and OEM and little more to help a carrier. All they do is hurt consumers which doesn’t help anyone.

Accessories for Samsung’s GSM Galaxy Nexus Delayed, Yet Again

Samsung, it seems, can release a slew of new smartphones and tablets,…

Exclusive: First Look at Waze 3.0 for Android (Video)

Waze is one of my favorite navigation apps. It’s available for both…

Now that LTE is Here, What’s the Future for Sprint’s WiMax?

In the last few weeks Sprint has rolled out LTE service to…

Exclusive: Microsoft Footing the Bill to Re-Write iOS Apps

Is Microsoft paying for apps to be converted from iOS to Windows…

What Day Is It? Rebecca Black Tells You in this Android App

Do you have trouble remembering what day it is? Do you wish Rebecca Black could remind you? Who is Rebecca Black?

iPhone Gets Permanent SIM Unlock

While we have various methods to carrier unlock Apple’s iPhone available, all…

April Fools: HTC and Twitter Announce Twitter Phone

Back in February we told you about two smartphones that HTC and…

April Fools: Android on Airport Slot Machines, One Rooted Running CM7

For those in the custom ROM scene CM7 is big news. In…

April Fools: Google’s Indexing Servers Are Running Android

Everyone who runs a website, ourselves included, needs to stay on top…

April Fools: Apple Announces iPhone 5 Specs To Developers Before WWDC

As WWDC approaches many developers are already getting a first hand experience…

April Fools: Nokia N8 Caught on Video Running Windows Phone 7

We’re not entirely sure if this is a hack that some one…

Pocketnow Dream Phones: Joe’s Connectorless Superphone

Pocketnow Dream Phones is a new series where editors get to…

Motorola Atrix 4G: How to Change Wi-Fi and BT MAC

I’ve been hard at work on the Atrix 4G the last few…

What Would Honeycomb Look Like on Android Smartphones?

We were all pleasantly impressed to see what Google has in store…

Trapster User Database Hacked, Passwords Possibly Exposed

Trapster is a cross-platform app that essentially turns your smartphone into a…