Samsung says over 96 percent of Note 7 units are returned, as FAA lifts airline warnings
US airlines are no longer required they warn their passengers of Galaxy Note 7 restrictions, as 96 percent of faulty phones are now out of circulation.
Just 85 percent of Galaxy Note 7 units in Korea have been returned, around 140K still in use
Samsung is having trouble wrapping up the Galaxy Note 7 recall program in its own homeland of Korea, where people just won’t return the fickle phablet.
‘Nearly 85 percent’ of recalled US Galaxy Note 7 units have been officially replaced thus far
Samsung has managed to take a whole lot of hazardous Galaxy Note 7 devices off the US streets, though plenty still remain in circulation.
IDC: 12 of 24 Galaxy Note 7 owners have switched to iPhones
Research firm IDC claims it doesn’t know. It surveyed 1,082 consumers, 24 of which owned a Galaxy Note 7. 12 said they went to Apple.
Samsung brings Galaxy Note 7 exchange gifts to the US, and Amazon refunds accessories
Willing to give Samsung a third chance after two Galaxy Note 7 recalls stateside, and go back to the S7? Here’s $100 in bill credit.
CPSC announces ‘expanded’ Galaxy Note 7 recall, and yes, even units bought used will be exchanged
In case there was still any lingering doubt, the US CPSC has just crushed it – new and old Galaxy Note 7 units are officially recalled.
Galaxy Note 7 investigation will still take a few weeks, but freebies are offered now to Korean customers
Samsung needs a little more time to find out what caused all those Galaxy Note 7 fires, offering small gifts to customers in its homeland already.
RIP Galaxy Note 7: Samsung confirms production is ‘permanently discontinued’
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially toast for good, following one too many fire reports, recall fumbles and explosion scandals.
The right thing to do: Oculus disables Galaxy Note 7 – Gear VR compatibility
Oculus takes pride in putting customer safety first, removing support for all Galaxy Note 7 devices on the Gear VR headset.
Forget $1 billion, Samsung could lose as much as $17 billion on terminated Galaxy Note 7 sales
With long-term brand damage still impossible to evaluate, Samsung has every reason to worry for the near future as far as Galaxy Note 7 losses go.
Shut it down: Samsung wants to end sales of Galaxy Note 7
For the second time, sales of the Galaxy Note 7 will stop. Samsung has struggled with a week of further explosions thanks to the device’s battery.
All major US carriers stop Galaxy Note 7 exchanges, UK tide turning as well
AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are offering another phone for anyone with a Galaxy Note 7 — regardless of whether it’s recalled.
Galaxy Note 7 shipments officially ‘adjusted’, as explosion tally continues to rise
Is the Galaxy Note 7 toast? DOA? Done for good? Officially, not yet, but a second global recall seems more and more likely.
The big four US carriers will let your exchange your Galaxy Note 7 for any phone… again
AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have actually followed Sprint’s lead in offering any phone in exchange for your Galaxy Note 7 after fresh news of malfunctions.
Exchanged Galaxy Note 7 US tally reaches 500K, global sales restart to take until November
Half of the one million dangerous Galaxy Note 7 copies sold stateside have been exchanged to date, as Samsung guns for a November global sales reboot.
High registration for Galaxy Note 7 exchanges in Canada as new sales get a date
Pretty well as about 70 percent of all sold units are registered for an exchange. Sales of new Note 7 units will start in the middle of October.
Galaxy Note 7 US exchanges now in full swing, Verizon and Sprint even reboot sales
Things are finally looking up for Samsung in the Galaxy Note 7 recall saga, with US replacement devices now available everywhere.
Samsung and Google provide clarity on safe Galaxy Note 7 icons and symbols
Google knows all about the green battery icon of safe Galaxy Note 7 units, while Samsung will only glue tiny black squares to all new packaging boxes.
Galaxy Note 7 exchanges start at Best Buy as Korea resets for sales on September 28
Units will be provided to customers who bought a Note 7 at Best Buy on a first come, first served basis. Korea also has a sales resumption date.
Gmail embraces Exchange server support in latest Android update
Google’s focusing on Gmail Exchange support with the Android app’s latest update, heading out today.