Entire Alcatel line-up of MWC 2019 budget phones leaked
Alcatel has had six of its budget phones leak out, specs and all. And we’re about to learn more from the company about its smartphones at MWC 2019.
Sony rebrand leaked to turn Xperia XZ4 into Xperia 1
The Xperia XA3, still in the rumor pipelines, was rebranded as the Xperia 10. Does this mean the Xperia XZ4 will be the Xperia 1?
Galaxy S10
Chinese pricing for Galaxy S10+ tops out at $1,500
In Europe, it’ll be the priciest proposition. But would a Galaxy S10+ with 12GB of RAM and a terabyte of storage be less so in China?
LG G8 ThinQ leaked in black and without watermarks
Leaks blogger Evan Blass has our latest and clearest view of the LG G8 ThinQ. But beyond superficiality, what’s important on the inside?
Xiaomi foldable phone leak exhibits clever trick for curved display edges
It certainly looks like a Xiaomi foldable phone in testing, but we’ll never really know until we see a real-life product.
Behold leaked media-grade renders of the Nokia 9 PureView
Five cameras, Android One and several reasons to think about when this premium flagship Android device will be announced. A leak tells more.
LG camera
LG G8 will be separate from 5G phone, have droplet notch and 3D-sensing camera
The folding phone, an entirely different device, will be late to arrive as well. And the early part of the year will see a mid-ranger take hold.
LG Display Apple
LG foldable smartphone tipped for CES 2019
Evan Blass reports that CES could punctuate its CES 2019 keynote event with a bombshell of a product launch. And LG won’t deny it.
One of four Moto G7 models has been leaked through pictures
Motorola’s mid-range series of smartphones has been popular through the years, but will it need extra firepower to make it through 2019?
First leaks of the new Sony Xperia XA3 & XA3 Ultra, changes are coming
Sony fans rejoice, the Japanese company has started to make design changes and to include better features in their new Sony Xperia XA3
LG Watch W7 is long-rumored Watch Timepiece that will debut with V40
The watch has been in the rumor mill for most of the year and could actually become part of the payload come October 3 with the launch of the V40.
BlackBerry KEY2 Lite said to shine bright in three colors
This “lite” phone comes in a charming red, but is just about the same size as a regular KEY2. So, what makes it so lite? The specs? The build?
BlackBerry Ghost rumored to grab a 4,000mAh battery
Even in 2018, it’s a big battery for sure, but will it be put to good use on the Ghost, a BlackBerry phone set to take root in India?
Blass: Samsung Galaxy Watch with Wear OS not what it seems
An evleaks tweet is taking Wear OS out of the realm of probability for Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch. Is it Tizen all the way?
BlackBerry KEY2, Ghost both rattling towards launches
The former gets treated with a new video and a look at a special key. The other phone (or two) gets a general release timeframe.
Blass: Website links HTC Vive phone with the name “Genesis”
No, HTC is not aping a Japanese video company and releasing a 32-bit console-phone hybrid. At least we hope not. But renowned leaks journo Evan Blass has some evidence against that idea.
“High confidence” on Pixel Watch with Pixel 3 event this fall
Given that Google is trying to spruik new development on Wear OS, will up to three watches under its Pixel brand help wit h the cause?
It’s the LG G7 ThinQ leak, “redux,” by Evan Blass
The LG G7 ThinQ, but every literal side of it has been detailed in very specific pixels and no one seems to be getting over the fact that these renders feature a “notch” and a “chin.”
A “Storm” is brewing for the LG V40 ThinQ as V35 ThinQ nears
Evan Blass is talking about the LG V40 while other people are talking about the V35 ThinQ. Are they one phone? Separate phones? Phones of different times?
Blass cuts into the grain with OnePlus 6 leak
The look of the device seems all normal until you notice what appears to be wood grain on the massive rear panel. What’s up?
HTC U12 Life might adopt notched display design
One big tweet suggests that a mid-range HTC phone will soon come with a design motif current ubiquitous the industry over. Plus, a bonus fantasy render for BoomSound fans.
Huawei P20 renders lay out hardware design for main, Lite, Pro models
On the one hand, the P20 lite looks like Honor phones of old. On the other, the P20 and P20 Pro act is if those matte motifs from the Mate 10 subsumed everything.
Android P Developer Preview could be a week or so away
Last year, the Android O Developer Preview came in on March 21. Reasonable enough to think that P could follow in that trend. There’s even more features to spoil in this post.
Huawei Mate SE leaked to look like Honor 8 Pro or Honor 7X
While there has been nothing specific pointed out except for the renders for this device, we do have a spiritual successor to the Mate S.
HTC Breeze is not U12 nor the MTeoR, but an upcoming low-end phone
The Breeze name was used internally at the company to call upon the first Windows Mobile phone with 3G connectivity that launched in 2006. This is different.