Spotify gets last word against Apple for now in European complaint

The Swedish company said that Apple’s response to its complaint goes to the “belief that Spotify’s users on iOS are Apple customers,” not Spotify’s.

Spotify complains to EU about Apple’s “app tax” and platform monopoly

The music streaming company wants Apple to lay off interfering in its customer service, marketing and the payment systems it chooses to use.

Apple-Shazam deal gets EU approval

The European Commission granted its approval for the Apple-Shazam deal, after concluding its in-depth investigation into the matter.

Apple-Shazam deal to get unconditional EU antitrust approval

The Apple-Shazam acquisition, confirmed in December of 2017, might come to a close within a month as EU antitrust regulators reportedly nod.

Philips, Pioneer, ASUS and Denon & Marantz fined 111 million euros by EC

A fine of 111 million euros (or $130 million) was handed out by the EU to Philips, Pioneer, Asus and Denon & Marantz, for price fixing.
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Google faces record fine (again) for gaming Android’s dominance in Europe [UPDATE]

Google has been fined more than €4 billion for tying up Android with its search and web services. We’ve updated this story with a statement from Google.

Apple’s acquisition of Shazam under EU investigation for antitrust concerns

Regulators have questions about whether Apple will block user referrals to competing music services like Spotify and Google Play and whether it will have an unfair competitive advantage with the access to existing referral data.

Uncertainty over Apple’s acquisition of Shazam will linger (at least) until April 23

The European Commission has set an April 23 provisional deadline for an investigation into the potential “adverse effect on competition” Apple’s proposed acquisition of Shazam may have in the European Economic Area.

Qualcomm 1Q18 earnings come as it notches licensing deal with Samsung

The chipmaker is having great legal troubles with antitrust and licensing deals, but it has been able to pick up a new contract with Samsung.

EU finds Qualcomm guilty of market dominance abuse, $1.2 billion fine issued for exclusive Apple deal

Qualcomm will need to pay over $1.2 billion after the European Commission ruled the semiconductor giant’s exclusive LTE modem supply deal for iPhones and iPads broke antitrust rules.

EU forcing answers from Qualcomm over Icera freeze-out

Icera, which was picked up by NVIDIA in 2011, was shut down in 2015. The European Commission believes Qualcomm used unfair market pressure.

European Commission finally rules on Google Shopping shenanigans, imposing €2.4 billion fine

Google has been hit with a record €2.4 billion EU fine for anti-competitive practices researched and documented for nearly a decade.

It’s happening: ‘Last piece of the puzzle’ in place for EU roaming charges to end soon

No more paying extra for voice calls, text messages and mobile data consumption when away from home in the EU starting no later than June 15 2017.

Google is looking at record $3.3 billion EU antitrust fine, sources say

The conclusion of a long, drawn-out antitrust case could be finally nigh, as the European Union appears intent to fine Google a record €3 billion.

Using a smartphone across Europe is becoming cheaper, as new roaming-fee limits take effect

Starting at the end of this month EU roaming fees get new, lower caps, ahead of the mid-2017 abolition of them altogether.
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Alphabet defends Google against European Commission anti-trust charges

Google is spread far and wide. From hardware to software to services,…

European Commission already questioning Qualcomm’s success

Learn more about a recent investigation that just begun in Europe against Qualcomm, as the company is being questioned for its major success.