Pocketnow Daily: Your Next iPhone might have a REMOVABLE BATTERY?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting removable batteries in your next iPhone, Facebook’s F8 cancelation and more

The EU wants to bring back removable batteries

A set of leaked documents suggests that the EU is working on legislature to force all smartphone manufacturers to make batteries removable.

Pocketnow Daily: Kuo: Apple’s 2020 Plans are CRAZY AGRESSIVE?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the products we can expect from Apple in the first half of 2020, the new OPPO Find X2 and more

The UK and the EU won’t ban Huawei, against warnings from the US

Both the United Kingdom and the European Union have allowed their networks to acquire the necessary equipment from Huawei in their 5G infrastructure

Google starts allowing EU Android users to choose their browsers and search engines

Google starts allowing Android users in the EU to have their own choice when it comes to browser and search engine on their devices.

EU Commission concerned about 5G security, but not banning Huawei yet

The European Commission leaves it to individual Member States to ban or not Huawei from 5G, but at the EU level, no ban has been imposed yet.
European Commission Google

Update: Google complies with EU Commission, will inform users of browser choices

Google will inform users about the choices for browsers they have on an Android phone, complying with a EU Commission decision from last year.

Huawei does damage control in Europe

It denies the notion that it is a security threat to European Union member governments and is working on fixing its labs in the United Kingdom.

Google makes Play Store optional in Europe, will charge license fee

The company is still distributing Android OS, Google Search and Chrome to device makers for free. Apps like the Play Store and YouTube will start to cost.

Nokia gets €500M loan to support its 5G efforts

Nokia scores major European Investment Bank loan in order to support its 5G research, development and innovation efforts.

Apple-Shazam deal to get unconditional EU antitrust approval

The Apple-Shazam acquisition, confirmed in December of 2017, might come to a close within a month as EU antitrust regulators reportedly nod.
EU charger

EU charger standard could force Apple to give up its Lightning connector

An EU charger standard has been on the European Commission’s agenda for almost a decade. Now EU regulators analyze whether action needs to be taken.

Philips, Pioneer, ASUS and Denon & Marantz fined 111 million euros by EC

A fine of 111 million euros (or $130 million) was handed out by the EU to Philips, Pioneer, Asus and Denon & Marantz, for price fixing.

Apple to make personal data download tool available globally eventually

For now, the tool is available to Apple ID account holders in the European Union and a few other countries. Now all we have to do is wait for the data to come out and get sorted.

What is GDPR and why you should care

Everything you need to know about GDPR. Whether it is about your fitness app, doing online shopping, applying for a credit card or just sending your Résumé around, the highly anticipated European legislation, called GDPR, will bring changes that you need to be aware of.

WhatsApp to raise its minimum age to 16 in Europe

The messaging application is taking a different approach than its parent company in limiting its liability for keeping sensitive user data private. And Facebook’s tactic is raising some eyebrows.

Instagram rolling out Stories upgrade and Data Download tool

The upgrade allows users to upload multiple videos and pictures to their Stories at once. Meanwhile, those same users can now take out a copy of their data from the platform.

Apple’s acquisition of Shazam under EU investigation for antitrust concerns

Regulators have questions about whether Apple will block user referrals to competing music services like Spotify and Google Play and whether it will have an unfair competitive advantage with the access to existing referral data.
Google Play Store

Google Play subscription refunds come into compliance with EU 14-day rule

For rolling digital services, European consumers are allowed 14 days to review their new subscription and, if desired, get a refund.

EU forcing answers from Qualcomm over Icera freeze-out

Icera, which was picked up by NVIDIA in 2011, was shut down in 2015. The European Commission believes Qualcomm used unfair market pressure.

European Commission finally rules on Google Shopping shenanigans, imposing €2.4 billion fine

Google has been hit with a record €2.4 billion EU fine for anti-competitive practices researched and documented for nearly a decade.

Historic EU roaming changes are in effect, with surcharges eliminated across 28 countries

No more paying special fees for EU roaming, as long as you follow a number of reasonable rules regarding the time you spend abroad.

WiFi4EU program to deploy at least 6,000 free hotspots across the union

Up to 8,000 under-connected municipalities will be able to get a portion of the €120 million set aside for this program to get hotspots by 2020.

It’s happening: ‘Last piece of the puzzle’ in place for EU roaming charges to end soon

No more paying extra for voice calls, text messages and mobile data consumption when away from home in the EU starting no later than June 15 2017.

French Apple Store smashed by man who felt jilted on warranty

Apparently, the person wasn’t happy at Apple for not honoring a refund as he felt the company was compelled to under EU law.