EU says websites can’t force viewers to accept cookies for viewing content
The updated consent guidelines published by EDPB also says that simply scrolling a website does not mean users have given consent to tracking cookies.
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On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possibility of getting removable batteries in your next iPhone, Facebook’s F8 cancelation and more
The EU wants to bring back removable batteries
A set of leaked documents suggests that the EU is working on legislature to force all smartphone manufacturers to make batteries removable.
iPhone 9 / iPhone SE
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The UK and the EU won’t ban Huawei, against warnings from the US
Both the United Kingdom and the European Union have allowed their networks to acquire the necessary equipment from Huawei in their 5G infrastructure
Google starts allowing EU Android users to choose their browsers and search engines
Google starts allowing Android users in the EU to have their own choice when it comes to browser and search engine on their devices.
European Commission Google
Update: Google complies with EU Commission, will inform users of browser choices
Google will inform users about the choices for browsers they have on an Android phone, complying with a EU Commission decision from last year.
Huawei does damage control in Europe
It denies the notion that it is a security threat to European Union member governments and is working on fixing its labs in the United Kingdom.
Google makes Play Store optional in Europe, will charge license fee
The company is still distributing Android OS, Google Search and Chrome to device makers for free. Apps like the Play Store and YouTube will start to cost.
EU charger
EU charger standard could force Apple to give up its Lightning connector
An EU charger standard has been on the European Commission’s agenda for almost a decade. Now EU regulators analyze whether action needs to be taken.
What is GDPR and why you should care
Everything you need to know about GDPR. Whether it is about your fitness app, doing online shopping, applying for a credit card or just sending your Résumé around, the highly anticipated European legislation, called GDPR, will bring changes that you need to be aware of.
Historic EU roaming changes are in effect, with surcharges eliminated across 28 countries
No more paying special fees for EU roaming, as long as you follow a number of reasonable rules regarding the time you spend abroad.