Apple Video set for 100 million subscribers within 5 years, says analysts

Whatever Apple will call its original video subscription service, one investment house believes it will get customers fast and easy.

Apple Video business model looks to fail hard, analyst says

Unless Apple has a breakout hit, the company will have to rely on third-party content to make its single-stream subscription model work.

iPhone 7 still the most popular phone in ownership across North America

It was the most popular iPhone and also the most popular smartphone in the continent in the fourth quarter of 2018, continuing a long streak.

Chinese iPhone unit shipments dropped 20 percent, researchers claim

Apple won’t paint the full picture on its global growth pains and that has left market analysts scrambling for any numbers they can get.

Apple won’t give numbers, so CIRP estimates 62 million iPhone sales

If Apple won’t talk about its dropping iPhone sales, than the market will take their guesses. One research firm has given its number and it ain’t pretty.

Almost 60 percent of OLED production in 2018 was toward smartphones

Millions of square meters of OLED displays went to smartphones last year. Most of the money made in the industry came from smartphones, too.

India market continues growing, Xiaomi’s first-place finish is a record

Samsung has sold the most smartphones in the Indian market year after year, but it faced fierce competition from a Chinese competitor.

Research house estimates Spotify added 2 million subscribers last quarter

The Swedish music streaming platform is perceived to be facing growth challenges, but patterns seen by one market research firm say otherwise.

Analyst Kuo positive on 2019 iPhone sales

Kuo believes that the market consensus has gone too negative with Apple and that a decent spring will help the company recover.

Apple revises down 1Q19 earnings estimate, could post first holiday decline since 2000

Weaknesses in the Chinese market compounded the sinkhole collapse of this holiday season for Apple.

Another bank makes another cut in its iPhone XS sales forecast

It will be a fairly fallow winter for Apple if it doesn’t manage to make 45 million iPhone shipments this upcoming quarter.

The iPhone XR sold better than the iPhone X in its first month

New model iPhone sales also continue their creep down from their 2016 highs. Android switchers are on the rise, though. Find out more about this survey.

Here’s Best Buy’s story of selling the iPhone XS Max

Turns out that the iPhone XS Max has generally been more popular than the slightly less expensive iPhone XS. But they’re aging out of popularity quickly.

iPhone XR has been most popular one since its launch

Well, it’s one of a few new iPhones, so that’s somewhat to be expected. But when confronted with negative news on demand, it seems like a mantra to rely on.

Ming-chi Kuo cuts iPhone XR sales forecast to 70 million units

The veteran Apple investor-observer has been monitoring billowing hurdles playing against the iPhone XR’s prospects in the market.

US OnePlus 6T sales jump 86 percent from OnePlus 6 on day one

Keep in mind that the OnePlus 6 had achieved 1 million sales globally in just 22 days. Who knows how much this tips the ramp for the 6T.
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In US, iPhone install base growth slows to crawl

A market research firm says that iPhone ownership has leveled off after many years of juiced-up growth. Is it a sign of ugliness to come?

Apple wraps fiscal year nicely, has bleak, cloaked visions of holidays

The future is looking murky for investors as Apple has not only forecast little growth for the holidays, but it won’t tell how many iPhones it shipped.

iPhone XR interest will grow into the new year, top analyst says

The shinier and more expensive iPhone XS will have most of the spotlight this holiday season, but watch for iPhone XR sales to steadily tick up in 2019.

With demand, Apple Watch Series 4 will have second producer

Even though we’re getting this news through unnamed inside sources, it’s probably the most concrete sign of demand for the Apple Watch yet.

Kuo raises iPhone XS Max sales forecasts after great opening weekend numbers

It’s been one week since people started looking at the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. And if they had to opt for one or another, they’re going all Max.

Kuo: Good start for Apple Watch Series 4 sales, future relies on international regulators

The well-known Apple analyst believes that the newest Apple Watch models will sell well around the world if health ministries approve its ECG kit.

Up and up those 2018 iPhone prices go says Wall Street

Goldman Sachs is raising its forecast for AAPL and is also betting on a costlier iPhone this year, more expensive than reliable sources have told.

Apple Watch buyers are cheapskates

They opt against buying the Series 3 with water resistance and cellular capabilities in favor of the more affordable Series 1.
Huawei P20 Pro review

Huawei firmly overtakes Apple to become second biggest smartphone maker

A second market research firm has found that the Chinese tech manufacturer has overtaken the iPhone maker in mobile sales.