Pocketnow Daily: The Google Pixel 4 might cost MORE than iPhone 11?! (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the possible price if the Google Pixel 4, the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the US and more
Just a reminder that the Essential Phone exists and it has a fresh software update
The Feburary update has only been out for a few days and, again, it takes an upstart to deliver the quickest update on their only phone.
Essential Phone now out of stock at company’s website [U]
After 16 months on the market, Essential is running out of stock of its first product while third-party sellers are trying to get rid of theirs.
Essential Audio Adapter HD near ready for release
During the company’s monthly Reddit AMA sesh, Essential also confirmed Android Q would be coming and that scrolling can be fixed-ish.
Google pisses off Pixel owners by changing battery settings for them
In fact, any smartphone owner who had Android Pie on their device was susceptible to this seemingly random toggling of power saver settings…
Essential PH-1
Essential Phone notch options experience a notch in availability
The options to have the “ears” blend in or stay out of the way were available on the Essential Phone in Android Oreo… but not Pie? Why?
Android P Developer Preview 5 is final step before formal release
Android P has reached the end of the trialing pipeline and is set to be released within the next several weeks. What will be the treat name?
Essential Phone gets Audio Adapter HD mod, Tidal freebie and audio-improving update
The Essential Phone will soon be compatible with a premium sound accessory, already supporting master-quality audio, and scoring free Tidal content.
Essential PH-1
Essential Phone will get standard 3-year software update schedule
The company insists that the Essential PH-1 will remain on its normal software update schedule through mid-2020, even as the fate of the company is uncertain.
Apple v. Samsung ends, the HTC U12+ begins | #PNWeekly 306
Nearly seven years later, we may finally have reached the end of this argument between two bickering tech giants. That and a really big phone this week on our show!
Bloomberg: Andy Rubin selling Essential, stopping second phone work
Rubin himself has not denied that the company was for sale or confirmed that the Essential Phone sequel was still alive, just that some projects were “canceled” for what will hopefully be “bigger hits.”
Here are the devices eligible for the Android P beta
You can get into the newest version of Android long before it’s even finalized just by having one of 11 phones and with a little bit of clicking. Start here.
Sharp Aquos R2 pairs ‘high speed’ IGZO screen with unique dual rear camera setup
Inspired by the Essential Phone rather than Apple’s iPhone X, the 6-inch “edgeless” Sharp Aquos R2 packs a Snapdragon 845 processor and two somewhat unusual rear-facing cameras.
Essential PH-1
Essential Phone 2 will be “improving” on the camera
The design of the first Essential Phone was controversial. The camera’s usefulness was, too. At least we know where the priorities are for next time around.
This is the OnePlus 6 notch that you’ll need to ‘learn to love’, as it ‘just makes sense’
The OnePlus 6 is technically not official yet, and it may not even be called that way, but we already know exactly what size its notch will be, and why it’s there to begin with.
Sharp Aquos S3 mini snubs iPhone X notch trend while retaining S2’s large chin
Just like last year’s Aquos S2, the newly launched (in China) Sharp Aquos S3 mini adopts an Essential Phone-inspired screen cutout instead of an iPhone X-style notch.
Possible Xiaomi Mi 7 benchmark and strong notch evidence crop up online
The Xiaomi Mi 7 is practically guaranteed to pack a Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB RAM, with a respectable battery and iPhone X-inspired notch likely also in tow.
Essential PH-1
The Essential Phone 2 will be a kick-ass phone
The Essential Phone 2 will be a kick-ass phone, if the company doesn’t mess it up. And, for that, it not only has to address the flaws of the Essential PH-1, but also go back to the drawing board when it comes to some aspects of the future device.
Temperature disparately affects Pixel 2 XL rapid charging rate
More importantly, when the phone tells you that it’s “charging rapidly” in cold temperatures, it just isn’t. And that just won’t do.
Unlocked Essential Phone now has February Android security patch
Many Essential Phones supposedly are getting this update faster than Google’s own Pixel 2. Meanwhile, those on Sprint are getting left behind.
Essential Phone Oreo update is delayed ‘a couple weeks’, Android 8.0 build will be skipped
Even after three rounds of public beta tests, the Essential Phone’s Android 8.0 Oreo update is not free of “stability issues”, so 8.1 will ultimately be rolled out instead.
Vote for your top flagship smartphone of 2017!
We’ve had our say, now it’s our readers’ chance to pick a winner. Which flagship gets the tip-top mark for 2017? Cast your ballot and find out on New Year’s Day!
Essential Camera app downloads hint at roughly 50,000 Essential Phone sales so far
In the absence of official figures, we can only rely on Play Store installations of the proprietary Essential Phone camera app for sales approximations.
Upcoming Huawei P11 could emulate the iPhone X notch… for some reason
While everyone agrees the Mate 10 Pro is pretty much perfect from a design standpoint, the next-gen Huawei P11 wants to further slim down its bezels.
Essential Phone gains Portrait Mode with latest camera update, second-gen device confirmed
Universally criticized for mediocre camera performance, the first-gen Essential Phone continues to get better. And yes, there will be a second-gen handset.