Andy Rubin answers burning Essential Phone questions: updates, jacks, expansions and more

Reddit users bombarded Andy Rubin with questions about the Essential Phone, and the company’s CEO delivered good news on many fronts.

“The world’s smallest laser” is one of the next accessories for the Essential Phone

Also, what will basically be an aux cord for the Essential Phone into your car stereo system — since, you know, it lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Plodding Essential sets sales goal of millions, talks about recent news

“Low single-digit millions,” mind you, but the company will need to prove itself in order to shrug off its rather public demons on its shoulders.

The Unnecessary LG phones and the Essential Phone | #PNWeekly 255

Two are said to come on the wings of the G6, one is told of olden days. That and we chat with SlashGear’s Chris Davies on Essential Products this show!

Essential Phone starts shipping within the month, brand-new ‘proactive’ assistant in tow

Of course Andy Rubin has his own new digital assistant prepped to run on the Essential Phone, but will it be ready by the end of June?

Ambient OS-powered Essential Home goes after Amazon Echo with exciting promises and a privacy focus

What exactly are the Essential Home and Ambient OS? Many key details remain under wraps, but they’re supposed to change the smart home experience.