Pocketnow Daily: Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Fix is here, but with a CATCH?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new update that will fix the camera in your Samsung Galaxy S20, the possible delay of the iPhone 12 and more

This is what the Essential Phone 2 and 3 could’ve looked like

We have tons of leaked images of the Essential Phone 2 and 3 prototypes that Essential could’ve launched if they hadn’t shut down

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Essential shuts down, teases what the Project GEM phone could have been

Essential launched just one Android phone in its lifetime, but its shutdown means the Project GEM phone will never be released.

Andy Rubin teases ultra-tall phone. Is this the Essential Phone 2?

Andy Rubin teases what could possibly end up being the Essential Phone 2, with a dramatically different form factor. Check it out!

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State of the Smartphone

The smartphone market is very rich in innovation, data, and services. The Western hemisphere craves flagships while the Eastern has more people to serve

Huawei P30 Pro Event in Paris? Essential Phone 2 patents & more – Pocketnow Daily

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Essential has concepts of a phone with its selfie camera under the display

We’ve brought the fingerprint sensor underneath the smartphone display. When will the selfie camera come under, too? Essential’s thinking about it.

Essential resumes Newton Mail app at full price, free trial

CloudMagic is back in the swing of the email client race and it has brought several new features after a long dormancy and an acquisition.

Just a reminder that the Essential Phone exists and it has a fresh software update

The Feburary update has only been out for a few days and, again, it takes an upstart to deliver the quickest update on their only phone.

Essential Phone now out of stock at company’s website [U]

After 16 months on the market, Essential is running out of stock of its first product while third-party sellers are trying to get rid of theirs.

Essential picks up Indian email startup CloudMagic

It’s not exactly clear how the acquisition of a cloud email company will immediately benefit Essential, but there are longer-term strategies at play.

All you need to know about the new Google Fi

If you’re looking to try Project Fi, now known as Google Fi, here are all the details on the phones you can buy or bring to the network.

Essential Phone is $329 just for Cyber Monday

The phone’s edging down its lifespan, but a lot of care has been taken to it and Essential is now selling it to customers at a pretty cool price today.

NYT: Google paid Andy Rubin $90 million to leave after misconduct review

The co-creator of Android is said to have been an unsavory character at Google, insulting employees and maintaining “ownership relationships.”

We could be getting a new smartphone from Essential that works mainly on voice commands

We will definitely not see a new Essential Phone 2, but we may be getting a new smartphone from Essential that will be based on voice commands

Essential Audio Adapter HD near ready for release

During the company’s monthly Reddit AMA sesh, Essential also confirmed Android Q would be coming and that scrolling can be fixed-ish.

Amazon’s Halo Gray Essential Phone is just $310

Software updates at the speed of life, okay hardware and all for $310. If you like owning a gray phone. If not, black’s still cool at $340.

Google pisses off Pixel owners by changing battery settings for them

In fact, any smartphone owner who had Android Pie on their device was susceptible to this seemingly random toggling of power saver settings…
Essential PH-1

Essential Phone notch options experience a notch in availability

The options to have the “ears” blend in or stay out of the way were available on the Essential Phone in Android Oreo… but not Pie? Why?

Android P Developer Preview 5 is final step before formal release

Android P has reached the end of the trialing pipeline and is set to be released within the next several weeks. What will be the treat name?

Essential Phone gets Audio Adapter HD mod, Tidal freebie and audio-improving update

The Essential Phone will soon be compatible with a premium sound accessory, already supporting master-quality audio, and scoring free Tidal content.

Essential Phone now publicly on Android P beta track

From developer preview to public beta, it’s still gotta be flashed into the device if you’re willing to try Android P with Essential.
Essential PH-1

Essential Phone will get standard 3-year software update schedule

The company insists that the Essential PH-1 will remain on its normal software update schedule through mid-2020, even as the fate of the company is uncertain.