Goodbye Cydia, Hello Snapdragon 855 | #PNWeekly 337

On our show this week, another edition of #Bendgate, hopes redux or hopes reduced for Touch ID’s comeback and Cydia shuts down.

T-Mobile launches eSIM on iPhones, brings back $750 second phone credit

eSIM users will have three prepaid plans to choose from. And if you need an iPhone to try this out on, get one for free…. kind of.

iPhone eSIM support may come to Verizon on December 7th

It seems that iPhones will soon have their eSIM capabilities activated on Verizon’s network, and according to the leaked memo, very soon
iPhone XS video

Apple’s Dual eSIM won’t be supported by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

iOS 12.1 is already available and it gives all 2018 iPhones great new features like dual eSIM. However, don’t expect them to work in US biggest networks

Apple Watch’s eSIM will come to iPhone 9 and company

This year’s new iPhones may feature electronic SIMs and that may have carriers like AT&T and Verizon worried, especially as they’re being investigated.

US investigating AT&T and Verizon over eSIM, GSMA pauses its involvement

The GSMA has been working on a standard for embedded SIMs, which would allow users to switch carriers without the need to switch cards and would also get rid of carrier locking. Two carriers wanted to put the kibosh on that.

Huawei Watch 2 Pro makes domestic debut with eSIM at $390 equivalent

With the cellular support of the latest Apple Watch practically useless in China, this is the perfect time for the Huawei Watch 2 Pro to launch.

Apple Watch Series 3 may only use LTE for data, not calls

There’s a remote possibility that VoIP services can be used, but would the experience be worth taking up? That and more from KGI’s Apple analyst.

ARM64-x86 emulation shown off for Snapdragon-powered full Windows 10 phones

Microsoft and Qualcomm announced that future Snapdragon chipsets will support full Windows 10 through x86 emulation. Cellular is a big deal here.