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OPPO, Ericsson, MediaTek partnered to conduct voice and video calls on 5G
The test was carried out under the 5G SA network environment.
More companies will be absent from MWC 2020 because of coronavirus
More companies have announced that they won’t be attending the upcoming MWC 2020 because of the threat of the coronavirus outbreak
U.S. urges allies to consider taking a ‚Äúcontrolling stake” in Ericsson and Nokia
U.S. Attorney General William Barr said on Thursday that the U.S. and its allies should consider taking a “controlling stake” in Ericsson and Nokia.
Pocketnow Daily: Huawei Ban Update: China’s New Blacklist!? (video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about China’s new ban to countries that have attacked Huawei, iPhone XIR design and more.
T-Mobile and Sprint merger could be closer than we think
T-Mobile and Sprint are already looking for alternatives in Nokia and Ericsson to replace Huawei devices in order to get approval for their merger
T-Mobile’s 5G deal with Ericsson hoped to help case for Sprint merger
The Un-carrier is promoting the deal as part of its commitment to unrelenting network advancement and a good reason why it shold merge with Sprint.
Gigabit LTE is apparently real: Verizon hits 1.07Gbps on 4G
Qualcomm’s hope is that you’ll get to use the hardware at the heart of it. What we believe to be the Snapdragon 845’s modem is set on “fiyah.”
Verizon and T-Mobile LTE-U deployment begins this spring
The FCC has given the go-ahead to push cell towers into the 5GHz range where most of it is being used by Wi-Fi. Will things go as well as expected?
SK Telecom 5G tests put 3.6Gbps through to a hurtling car
How fast? Try breaking the 100mph mark. Testing was done in conjunction with BMW and Ericsson and, in fact, improves on a prior test done just months ago.
Qualcomm brings Gigabit Class LTE and 5G speeds closer with router and modem launches
Qualcomm is at the forefront of Gigabit Class LTE and 5G network technology breakthroughs, unveiling an exciting new router and modem.
Verizon 5G network now in mobile field tests, to be ready in 2017
4G is sooo old news. Verizon and its cellular partners are ramping up field tests of its 5G technologies and made a big splash about it at MWC.
Apple and Ericsson come to (lucrative) terms over patent licensing dispute
After a drawn-out legal battle, the Apple/Ericsson patent licensing dispute is now over – and things are looking up for Ericsson.
How the smartphone will die in five years, according to Google and Ericsson
Ericsson used to have a larger footprint in the mobile technology space.…
Los Angeles turns streetlights into LTE cell towers
The war for more spectrum is on. Between carriers, there’s a fight…