Pocketnow Weekly 052: ’twas the day before the Lumia

Much has already leaked about Nokia’s Lumia 1020 specs & features- but plenty remains to speculate on. All that & more on today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast!

After eight months, the Lumia 920 camera is still my favorite vacation companion

As the EOS ushers in a new generation of PureView, it bears mentioning that the Nokia Lumia 920 camera is still one of the finest smartphone shooters ever.

Pocketnow Weekly 051: Baby, you’re a firework

If the words “Nokia Lumia 909,” “magenta Moto X,” or “HTC One Play Edition” get your flag waving, tune in to today’s Pocketnow Weekly mobile tech podcast!
Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 for AT&T tentatively leaked in alleged press render. Or is it the Lumia 909?

If you’re curious about the Nokia EOS, Elvis, or Zoom, you might want to check out this alleged Nokia Lumia 1020 render for AT&T!

Pocketnow Weekly 050: Optimus G giveaway edition (We have a winner!)

Our LG Optimus G giveaway requires an iTunes review for the Pocketnow Weekly podcast, so get to listening! Episode 050 of smartphone & tablet talk is here!

Carl Zeiss rebranded to ZEISS, early Nokia EOS leak already featured the new name

There’s a bit of re-branding going on as Carl Zeiss rebranded to ZEISS. Interestingly, an early Nokia EOS leak already featured the new name.

Has Nokia tapped Justin Bieber to help launch EOS/Lumia 1020? (Nope)

See why Nokia has us thinking we could get to see a Nokia EOS launch performance from Justin Bieber.
Nokia Zoom

Nokia Zoom moniker trademark under examination

A certain Nokia Zoom moniker trademark is under examination as the Finnish phone maker applied for securing it on May 30. What does it mean?

Windows Phone is in serious trouble if the Nokia EOS isn’t HUGE

Find out why we could be looking at big Windows Phone trouble if Nokia’s 41-megapixel Lumia fails to strike gold.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra, SmartWatch 2, new GS4 & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent leaks of…
Nokia EOS leaks

Nokia’s official name suggested for PureView EOS Lumia

Find out why we think that the Nokia EOS could launch as the Nokia Lumia 1020.
Android PureView

Would you like an Android-powered camera-phone like the Nokia 808 PureView or EOS?

We’ve seen smartphones with digital zooms and optical zooms. How would you feel about an Android-powered camera-phone like the Nokia 808 PureView or EOS?

Pocketnow Weekly 049: Samsung keeps making stuff, we keep squawking about it (Samsung Premiere 2013)

A bevy of Galaxy & ATIV smartphones and tablets landed at Samsung Premiere 2013, and your trusty team of podcasters is here to tell you all about it.

International EOS possibly revealed as Nokia RM-875

The Nokia EOS isn’t just coming to AT&T in the States – check out some early evidence of the international Nokia EOS.

iOS 7 for iPad leaked, HTC Butterfly s official, Nokia event teasers & more – Pocketnow Daily

We apologize for some technical difficulties we had in uploading today’s show.…

Nokia is all but confirming the EOS for its July 11 event

July 11 is sure looking like it will be the day for the Nokia EOS launch event. Check out Nokia’s latest teaser for it.

Nokia EOS gets another color option in most recent leak

Take a look at the latest pic to arrive of the new PureView phone, showing off a white Nokia EOS handset.

Nokia RM-877 clears FCC; is this our long-awaited EOS?

Could these be the rumored Nokia EOS FCC documents? Find out what they tell us about the phone.

New theories, concerns arise over aluminum Nokia EOS pics

Find out what’s wrong with these new pics that make the metal EOS look like it could be fake.

Pocketnow Live, Ep. 20: The Season Finale

The Pocketnow Live Season Finale is here. Before we take a summer break we’ll discuss all things mobile, and not only, with the original Live team. Tune in!
Nokia EOS Aluminum

Nokia EOS aluminum case purportedly leaked in these photos

In contrast with previous leaks, today’s pictures are reportedly hinting at an upcoming Nokia EOS aluminum phone. Check out the pictures.

Pocketnow Weekly 048: Galaxy S 5 rumors meet Nokia EOS leaks in back alley, nasty knife fight ensues

Yes, there’s more to today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast than Galaxy S 5 rumors. Also inside: iOS 7, Galaxy S 4 Zoom, & Nokia EOS salivating! Give it a listen!

Nokia event invite sure sounds like a PureView EOS launch

Find out what is it about these invitations that has us wondering about the Nokia EOS launch.
Nokia EOS

Nokia EOS looks like the Lumia 920’s twin

In this leak we’re purportedly looking at the Nokia EOS next to the Lumia 920. These phones appear to be nearly identical from the front. Check it out!
Nokia camera mechanical shutter

Nokia camera mechanical shutter explained by Damian Dinning

Damian Dinning, once head of imaging at Nokia, explains the Nokia camera mechanical shutter and gives some insight on the technology. Check out his input!