Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView specs leaked onto Android Enterprise database

But this rap sheet doesn’t talk about its five cameras. Instead, the Nokia 9 PureView specs we DO learn about are… a little underwhelming.

Apple shut down then restored Google’s internal iOS apps [U]

Google was caught distributing an iOS app to the public along with installation clearances intended for employees only, a breach of Apple’s rules.

Wireless HTC Vive Focus VR headset launches in United States for $599

Nearly a year after it took away all the wires for its first tetherless virtual reality headset in China, HTC is bringing the Vive Focus worldwide.

Surface USB-C adapter, targeted for enterprise, sells Friday for $80

This is no dongle. It’s a pretty large adapter that doesn’t speak too much of portability and, disappointingly, has minimum power requirements.

Hotel chain deploys Samsung Gear S3 to serve guests

It’s not the Apple Watch that will have hospitality management software for Viceroy employees to use. It’s the Gear S3. With LTE.

HMD quietly adds Nokia 8 Sirocco, 7 Plus and new Nokia 6 to Android Enterprise Recommended lineup

There are now no less than four Nokia smartphones part of Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended project, including the 8 Sirocco, 7 Plus and “new” Nokia 6.

The iPhone SE 2 and MWC 2018 | #PNWeekly 293

In the midst of all the MWC coverage we’re pulling off, we’ve got to keep to our promise of a weekly mobile tech podcast. And we have the perfect iPhone to do it with. Yes, iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ officially leaked by Samsung?

Samsung takes to YouTube to officially promote the Galaxy S9 and S9+… many hours before it actually introduces the phones. You’ll believe what happens next…

LG guarantees Android 8.1 for G6 and V30

Android Oreo is slowing moving out to some LG G6 units currently, but it’s nice to know that this extra iteration will get wider reach.

First Android Enterprise phones outed from Google to Huawei to LG

21 Android phones have been certified as great options to deploy in the enterprise space. The key here? Software update and OS update guarantees.

Google bolstering G Suite apps with new VoIP client, authentication management

New enterprise communication and user management tools are coming from Google… and CRM could be in store as well. All to take on Microsoft.

Microsoft patents folding phone dock — that’s a folding dock for phones

No, it’s not a folding phone. Does it matter anymore that Microsoft isn’t doing anything in its own mobile hardware sandbox? This thing is supposed to work with an iPhone.

NYPD’s 36,000 Windows Phones to be replaced with iPhones

Sources say the police department’s IT head was the sole decider in picking up Microsoft’s dying mobile platform in the first place.

Microsoft Surface Plus brings zero-interest leasing with 18-month upgrades

Surface Plus will make paying and upgrading the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book and Surface Studio more affordable. There’s a business plan, too.
Samsung DEX

Samsung DeX costs $149.99, ships in “late April”

The docks will let Galaxy S8 users plug and play with a keyboard and a larger screen to manipulate their mobile apps in a different way.

More Android O features in active chatter

A list of bullet points and plenty of speculation as to where the next version of Android will go. But will all of these features land in May?

Panasonic Toughpad phones hit India in Android, Windows flavors

If you’re down and dirty doing business in Chennai or Mumbai, you’ll probably need to ask your local channel representative about these phones.

Microsoft HoloLens shipments on their way now! Or next week …

One pre-orderer took to Twitter to say that his HoloLens shipment has been confirmed. But Microsoft makes sure we know that it’s not so fast.

New Panasonic Toughpads ruggedize Android and Windows 10 Mobile

Panasonic seems to think it has the answer for enterprise in providing two versions of its Toughpad: one for Android fans, the other for WIndows lifers.

Surface Hub will be later than late and now costs another $2,000

We hate to ask since we’ve last mentioned this thing in January,…

7,500 Surface 3s soar to the skies with SkyWest, ExpressJet AirLines

Microsoft has been eating up some good enterprise deals lately, including 30,000…

All NYPD officers to receive Windows Phones

Remember when Brazilian police snatched up a stolen Sony Xperia C5 Ultra…

Blackberry vs. Blackphone: which would you buy? (Poll)

2015 is an interesting time in the high-security niche of mobile technology.…
android partnership with blackberry

An Android partnership with BlackBerry could be just what both need

An Android partnership with BlackBerry could provide the momentum and IT buy-in that both Google and BlackBerry need to break into the enterprise market.

BlackBerry going all-in on Android could save its phone business

BlackBerry isn’t a name you hear mentioned in the mobile space anymore.…