Energizer teases rugged phones with large batteries for MWC 2019
Energizer is at it again, teasing three more smartphones for MWC 2019. This time, it’s rugged phones with large batteries.
Energizer brings foldable smartphone, 18,000mAh phone to MWC 2019
Energizer will have a whopping portfolio of 26 smartphones on display at MWC 2019, among which a foldable smartphone, and a 18,000mAh phone.
Energizer previews smartphone trio before the MWC 2019 announcement
Energizer has started teasing the smartphone trio it will officially introduce at the upcoming MWC 2019, by sharing some details.
The new Energizer Power Max P490S and P490 have been presented
New Energizer Power Max P490S and Energizer Power Max P490 come with huge batteries that will give you hours of mobile entertainment
Qi Wireless Charger Face-Off: Nokia DT-900 vs. Energizer (Video)
Watch as we compare and contrast the Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charger and the Energizer Inductive Charger, both supporting the Qi standard.
Nexus 4 and Energizer Inductive Charger
Hands on with the Energizer Wireless Charging Mat and the Nexus 4
Watch as we go hands-on with the Energizer Single Inductive Charger and the Nexus 4.