Can we stop blaming Google for Chat’s lack of end-to-end encryption?
Google’s new Chat app is not even out yet, and already being criticized for its approach and lack of encryption. Read more as to our take of why that is.
GrayKey is the police’s best friend to crack into iPhone encryption
It’s a small box that allows law enforcement officials to crack into an iPhone 6s or an iPhone X. Will it be useful in the next year?
Android Encryption
Security & Privacy: How to Physically Secure Your Phone
A phone that’s physically secure not only offers you an extra layer of protection in terms of privacy and security but also keeps you out of trouble.
Viber further beefs up user privacy with Secret Chat features for Android and iOS
Android and iOS instant messaging app Viber adds Secret Chat functionality to a bag of tricks also including encryption and “secret messages.”
iMessage for Android may come at WWDC
The encrypted messaging service that is currently exclusive to iPhones and iPads may expand to welcome in the people of the green bubble: Android.
Gartner crowns Samsung Knox the world’s most secure mobile device platform
Samsung Knox likely defeated rival mobile security solutions from BlackBerry, Apple and many others in a Gartner report, winning a most unexpected title.
Edward Snowden-approved Signal Private Messenger app lands on Android at last
Signal, the ultimate messaging encryption app, is available for Androids after a period of iOS exclusivity, gaining Edward Snowden’s vote of confidence.
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Google stands its ground with Android Marshmallow full-disk encryption requirement
After backing down with Lollipop, Google’s not about to let many OEMs opt out of mandatory Android Marshmallow full-disk encryption.
Google backpedals on Lollipop default encryption: no longer required
The dream of default full-disk Android encryption will just have to wait, as Google backs down from its position for Lollipop devices.
How to better secure your mobile devices
How can you keep your personal data private on your smartphone? Use our six smartphone security tips to lock down your phone and keep prying eyes out!
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10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure
It’s the first Android-powered smartphone built from the ground-up with the goal of keeping your data private. Here are 10 ways Blackphone keeps you secure.
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How to encrypt your Android for extra security (video)
Android Encryption: Here’s how you can use encryption to make your Android a little bit more secure just in case it gets lost somewhere along the way.