Apple confirms USB Restricted Mode will be ‘made permanent’ at some point in iOS 12

USB Restricted Mode, a simple but presumably very efficient tool fighting against unauthorized iPhone hacks, is to be included in a future iOS update.

Latest iOS 11.4 beta includes USB Restricted Mode to spoil cops

The feature returns from the iOS 11.3 beta as it has skipped out on the public release. But what does this mean for law enforcement trying to use decryption box tools for iPhones in evidence?

Can we stop blaming Google for Chat’s lack of end-to-end encryption?

Google’s new Chat app is not even out yet, and already being criticized for its approach and lack of encryption. Read more as to our take of why that is.

GrayKey is the police’s best friend to crack into iPhone encryption

It’s a small box that allows law enforcement officials to crack into an iPhone 6s or an iPhone X. Will it be useful in the next year?

Russia hits popular Telegram messaging app with ‘immediate’ nationwide ban

Despite its popularity among local government officials, Telegram messaging access is to be shut down in Russia following a court order.

KRACK patch for Pixel and Nexus devices due in December

On the whole, it’s safe for Android devices to interact with Wi-Fi — even with the KRACK bug in effect — but it’d be nice to get that patch expedited.

Apple says FBI lost chance to unlock Texas mass killer’s iPhone

Another dreaded encryption fight could be up for the most profitable company that happens to work in technology and the FBI.

Security & Privacy: Encrypting Communications

I’d argue that today, more than colonial America, the Right to Privacy and the Fourth Amendment are of the utmost importance. So, how does one go about encrypting communications?
Android Encryption

Security & Privacy: How to Physically Secure Your Phone

A phone that’s physically secure not only offers you an extra layer of protection in terms of privacy and security but also keeps you out of trouble.

As ZTE Axon 7s debuts in China, Newegg puts Axon 7 on sale

Some great phones get greater, but only for government purposes. The still great original phone gets another discount from an online retailer.

President Trump is tweeting from both a ‘new iPhone’ and Android, with security still a concern

It remains unclear just how secure are the mobile devices used by US President Donald Trump for tweeting, including a ‘new iPhone’ and mystery Android.

Viber further beefs up user privacy with Secret Chat features for Android and iOS

Android and iOS instant messaging app Viber adds Secret Chat functionality to a bag of tricks also including encryption and “secret messages.”

Indian government may buy Cellebrite hacking solution

The Forensic Science Laboratory wants to acquire a tool to decrypt phones with iOS 8 and, potentially, other Android phones.

iMessage logs the numbers you contact, Apple may send them to police

It does not matter whether you send the person a message or not, it matters that you typed in that person’s number on iMessage.

Associated Press, Gannett, Vice sue FBI for San Bernardino iPhone hack details

Who created it? What intentions do they have in mind? Was it a proper use of government funds? It’s one of the iPhone 5c encryption issues that won’t die.

Gionee M6 and M6 Plus stand out with top-drawer hardware encryption, huge batteries

Not only are the Gionee M6 and M6 Plus phenomenally powerful and relatively affordable, but they also look like a security enthusiast’s wet dream.

John Chen: Apple “should have a basic civil responsibility”

The BlackBerry CEO tore into Apple at the company’s Security Summit for not assisting the FBI in decrypting a terrorism suspect’s iPhone.

Facebook Messenger kicks off end-to-end encryption trial run

It’s not available for the masses just yet, but it can’t be long now, with Facebook Messenger officially in public end-to-end encryption testing stages.

Canadian police stingrayed BlackBerry phones in mobster case

Mounties used devices mimicking cell towers to capture information about cellphones connected to it to investigate a member of the New York mafia.

iMessage for Android may come at WWDC

The encrypted messaging service that is currently exclusive to iPhones and iPads may expand to welcome in the people of the green bubble: Android.

Facebook Messenger changes galore: diverse emoji, encryption, complete chat takeover

Facebook’s native Messenger client for the world’s most popular mobile platforms has several changes and enhancements rolling out now or on the way soon.

OnePlus 3 Invites Gone, Xperia X USA Pricing, and Qualcomm Security | Pocketnow Weekly 203

This week: Xperia X USA Pricing, Qualcomm’s security issues, and you’ll be able to buy a OnePlus 3 without an invite! Ep 203 of the Pocketnow Weekly!

Has encryption on Qualcomm devices been circumvented?

A developer on Twitter claims to have circumvented Qualcomm’s TrustZone security layer. Has encryption on Qualcomm devices been circumvented?

Android N security includes file-based encryption

Android N is several months away from a commercial launch, and it doesn’t even have a dessert name yet, but a few of its security features are official.

Allo is a new messaging service that takes advantage of Google Photos

Eric Kay, Director of Engineering, announced a new messaging app called Allo.…