Android 11 emojis

Android 11 will include Polar bear, Ninja, and 60 more emojis

The Emoji 13.0 included Emoji 13.0 62 new characters, and 55 skin tone and gender variants. There is also an emoji for smiline-when-you-are-dead-inside.

Apple previews 59 new emoji coming to the iPhone this fall

Apple is celebrating World Emoji Day by offering a preview of new emojis that will be available this fall for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Does the Galaxy Note 10 have a “Spy Pen?” | #PNWeekly 344

Also on our show, revisiting the Razer Phone 2, cost promises for the Sprint/T-Mobile merger, terabyte phone debates, new emoji and more!

59 new emojis for 2019 become official

The Unicode Consortium just made the 59 new emojis for this year official, with 171 variants for gender and skin tone, for a total of 230 emoji.

Apple slow plays new emoji for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

Apple won’t have all of the possible new emoji available by the time iOS 12 and macOS Mojave launch this fall. There’s good reason, though.

Disney brings six new ‘Incredibles’ characters to AR Emoji on Galaxy S9

Samsung and Disney’s AR Emoji collaboration is taken to the next level today with the addition of six new “Incredibles 2” characters to the Galaxy S9 ahead of the new movie’s launch.

Twitter rolls out Twemoji, its own emoji set, for Android users

Twitter is using one of Android’s newer support libraries to bring its own emoji to life on its app for all major Android versions.

The black dot emoji (and much more) is crashing apps on iOS 11.3

We’ve been looking at this issue for a few days, but apparently it has exploded in commonality as more publicity gets piled onto it.

Everyone’s looking to replace the contentious gun emoji with a water pistol

Following Apple’s example from a couple of years back, Samsung, Twitter, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have recently or will soon replace the pistol emoji with a squirt gun.

157 new emoji included in final version of Unicode’s Emoji 11.0

A whole bunch of emoji are ready to go, but you can’t use them yet. Instead, your phone’s maker will have to code it into a software update…

All’s right with the world, as Google brings the correct burger emoji to Android 8.1

The cheese goes on top of the meat patty for the redesigned burger emoji in Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview 2, and we can all be at peace again.

Emonster sues Apple for violating Animoji trademark

The company made an app in 2014 that converted emoji into looped animations that could be sent over iMessage. With the iPhone X, there’s a threat.

‘Hundreds’ of new emoji are coming soon with the iOS 11.1 update to iPhones and iPads

iPhone and iPad users already looking forward for iOS 11.1 can expect a bunch of fun new emoji, including many gender-neutral characters.

The Android 8.0 Oreo name is official [UPDATE]

The name was revealed just after 2:45pm Eastern in New York with a statuette and a heroic animated introduction to the iteration’s mascot.

Google search and Gboard for Android gain voice typing support in 30 new languages

Voice typing is closer and closer to becoming truly ubiquitous on various Google products, including search and the Gboard Android app.

“T-Mobile is the Beats of wireless” and more in the mail | #PNWeekly 265

T-Mobile has all the cool people behind it, but one of our listeners, a Sprint employee, is throwing shade. We shine a light at his case on our show.

The battle for emoji supremacy begins with 67 candidates for Unicode 11

The consortium behind the standardization of computer symbols is launching into another cycle of debate and coding of emoji. Well, poo.

Google bids blob emoji goodbye, Apple greets Unicode 10 symbols

July 17 is World Emoji Day and everyone is playing around with the cute little faces, foods and whatnot. Google and Apple show their design transitions.

Unicode 10 emoji additions stand at 56, bring total to 1,752

The Unicode Consortium is recognizing several skin tones and gendered variations in personas like fairies, vampires and magi.

Android O emoji go from gumdrop to usable

Lines. Gender. More intersect with how other companies’ emoji. More understanding. If you can’t get emoji in a snap, Google has failed you… until now.

Samsung launches emoji-based Wemogee chat app for people unable to express their thoughts

Emojis can be fun or annoying, but they can also change lives affected by a neurological disorder called aphasia.

Allo brings your emojis to life, also making it easier to find GIFs and get Google Assistant help

Far from the world’s most popular instant messaging mobile app, Google Allo today improves GIF, emoji and Google Assistant support.

iOS 10.2 beta 3’s best update is the return of the peach butt emoji

If you’re the type to adorn a lovely picture of your sex bits with the peach emoji, you just escaped an sex-istential crisis. Ha. Hahaha. Sorry.

Unicode 10 emoji proposals include the sauna

You can be a merperson as you want to be. Want to vomit after eating a raw cut of meat? You may be able to do that all outside of Club Med soon.

iOS 10.2 public beta includes new emoji and tweaks to UI

Several dozen new emoji have actually come along in this update as well as some more camera tweaking and a celebration for iMessage.