Emerging markets could see Galaxy Note 7 revived with smaller battery
The company has thumbed India and Vietnam to get the refurbished Note 7 units that will be equipped with a smaller battery than the one originally provided.
Facebook Messenger Lite is just 10MB
Facebook is keeping it light for Messenger Lite to keep those with older, slower, tightly-packed Android smartphones connected to other users.
Samsung Z2 specs and availability supposedly nailed down
It’s the phone that’s been talked about as Samsung’s in to developing markets and the way the company will take them over.
Samsung Z2 may bring Tizen to South Africa
Insiders are saying that we should see Tizen in South Africa with the introduction of the Samsung Z2 in October, the first Tizen phone with LTE.
Apple Town Hall: growth of the iPhone and cross-platform services
The iPhone will crowd into emerging markets and expand a lot. For years. And Apple also hopes to crowd into other software ecosystems, too.
Facebook makes mobile devs switch out daily drivers from iPhone to Android
I am mandating a switch of a whole bunch of my team…
Microsoft, don’t forget flagships while focusing on low-end
Microsoft has recently announced their intention to focus on low-end phones for emerging markets which is fine, but don’t forget about flagships.