FCC pushing carriers to report better elevation location for 911 calls

From 2021 onwards, carriers will be required to report accurate location data to 911 call centers not just on latitude and longitude, but height, too.

Sonim XP8, XP5S are launch devices AT&T’s FirstNet public safety cellular network

First responders will have two unique choices of hardware for accessing a special network for crisis situations in the US.

Apple Watch SOS feature rushed an ambulance to crash victim

So, if you have an Apple Watch and aren’t using it to exercise on a regular basis, consider this your clarion call to keep it around.

After 911 bugfix, OnePlus 5 power drain issues surface on Reliance Jio

The company has found that those accessing Reliance Jio through the second SIM slot may experience battery inefficencies with a poor 4G signal.

OnePlus explains the bug that tripped up emergency calls last week

It was an issue with a location marker over VoLTE calls with enhanced 911 services. OnePlus involved Qualcomm with its quick fix.

Android’s State of Emergency | #PNWeekly 262

Android phones have trouble dialing 911 (or 999) and Lenovo is teaming up with Disney to send you on Jedi Adventures! All on this week’s show!

Toronto Police cut from 911 system due to technical difficulties

In the telecommunications world, it’s been a painful week for emergency services access. TPS is off the grid while medics and fire take its 911 calls.

Dreamy new Apple patents imagine personalized 911 fingerprint calling, smart Siri dock with wireless charging

A pair of exciting new Apple patents have been granted to bring a smart Siri dock one step closer to materialization, as well as discreet 911 iOS calling.

OnePlus rolling out update for emergency calls bug, other Android phones still at risk

But it’s not just the OnePlus 5 that’s affected by a bug that kills 911 and 999 calls — several other Android phones do so with no clear pattern to it.

Google Phone app now shows your location during an emergency call

If you’re placing an E911 call, the dispatcher has instant access to your phone’s location, but you might not be so aware. This development should help.

OnePlus 5 can’t complete emergency services calls, could be AOSP-based bug

911 and 999 calls made through a OnePlus 5 will not return a dispatcher from a call center but, instead, reboot the device.
911 emergency services

Emergency services need a smartphone-friendly overhaul

Today’s emergency services need a smartphone-friendly overhaul – and maybe some better looking drivers, too.