FEMA delivering nationwide Emergency Alert Test for mobile devices

This story is going out at the same time as the alert should be broadcasting for devices connected to a cell tower in the United States.

iOS 11 public beta 5 has SOS mode, won’t allow for Touch ID

There are several reasons why you might not need Touch ID at certain points, but you really have to consider your immediate privacy situation.

Dreamy new Apple patents imagine personalized 911 fingerprint calling, smart Siri dock with wireless charging

A pair of exciting new Apple patents have been granted to bring a smart Siri dock one step closer to materialization, as well as discreet 911 iOS calling.

What tech accessories should go into your emergency kit?

Can you keep your phone powered and protected during an emergency? Here are the top accessories you should keep in your emergency kit.

AT&T’s SpareOne Emergency GoPhone might save your life some day

The SpareOne Emergency GoPhone is a product you hope you’ll never have to use, but will be happy you had if you need it.

Your Phone Wants To Save Your Life

I knew right away that this wasn’t any ordinary text. Instead of the usual SMS annunciator tone, the phone was bleating out a wailing klaxon, a cross between a 1980s-era digital alarm clock and an ornery robotic duck. I recognized it immediately as the characteristic siren of the Emergency Alert System.