Apple, Google, and Microsoft allow anyone to violate your privacy with an email
Almost all email programs would notify you of potential privacy issues before loading certain emails. That’s no longer the case, so you’re probably being tracked now.
Google and WhatsApp are using AI to kick users, flag spam on a massive scale
Google is using machine learning to block more spam on Gmail. WhatsApp is trying to cut users who spread fake news as an election looms in India.
Essential resumes Newton Mail app at full price, free trial
CloudMagic is back in the swing of the email client race and it has brought several new features after a long dormancy and an acquisition.
It’s the end of the road for Inbox by Gmail
Inbox debuted in 2014 as a test lab for new features that let users more easily sort out and reply to emails. Now, Google is shutting that lab down.
Gmail Go allows users to read and send mail offline
How can you lighten up an email app? You send email, you receive email. That’s pretty much it. Well, it’s part of the Android Go suite of apps.
Hop: how instant messaging should have been done decades ago
There’s no reason to have more than one way to send electronic text messages between people over the internet. Hop upgrades the most widely-used and accessible method with modern chat functions.
In wake of company scandals, Yahoo mail forwarding shut down
Users cannot add new destinations to forward their Yahoo mail to as the company reels in from a data breach and governmental privacy concerns.
After over 15 years, mobile email still sucks
Simply having access to email on phones 15 years ago was pretty awesome. Find out how smartphone email access still hasn’t caught up to the usability and efficiency of desktop email programs.