Apple, Google, and Microsoft allow anyone to violate your privacy with an email

Almost all email programs would notify you of potential privacy issues before loading certain emails. That’s no longer the case, so you’re probably being tracked now.

Google and WhatsApp are using AI to kick users, flag spam on a massive scale

Google is using machine learning to block more spam on Gmail. WhatsApp is trying to cut users who spread fake news as an election looms in India.

Essential resumes Newton Mail app at full price, free trial

CloudMagic is back in the swing of the email client race and it has brought several new features after a long dormancy and an acquisition.

Smart Compose on Gmail to cut down on duplicative typing

Google’s Pixel phones will get a first crack at this feature, extending Smart Reply to the text field with auto-complete suggestions.

It’s the end of the road for Inbox by Gmail

Inbox debuted in 2014 as a test lab for new features that let users more easily sort out and reply to emails. Now, Google is shutting that lab down.

Android Gmail app officially has Undo Send

You know that feeling of dread after you’ve sent an email you know isn’t going to go down well at all? With Gmail on Android, you can stop that feeling.

Gmail Go allows users to read and send mail offline

How can you lighten up an email app? You send email, you receive email. That’s pretty much it. Well, it’s part of the Android Go suite of apps.

Google promises to put a stop to Gmail content scans for ‘ads personalization’ later this year

No more “scanning” Gmail messages of regular consumers in addition to businesses, Google is vowing, though “personalized” ads will live on.

Hop: how instant messaging should have been done decades ago

There’s no reason to have more than one way to send electronic text messages between people over the internet. Hop upgrades the most widely-used and accessible method with modern chat functions.

Gmail receives support for easy, hassle-free money transfers on Android

It’s finally possible to send and receive payments through Gmail on Android devices in addition to computers, even without installing Google Wallet.

It’s now possible to receive 50MB emails in Gmail, but sending size limits are 25MB

Google makes it possible to receive larger than before email attachments in Gmail, but oddly enough, not also to send massive files.

Samsung Gear S2 software update leaves many without email notifications

Gear S2 owners got a Gear Manager app update that caused email alerts to pop up on their watch without showing what the message is about.

Congress is asking DOJ, national intelligence director about Yahoo email scanning

The FBI requested Yahoo to scan its emails for code strings related to a foreign terrorist organization, but we don’t know how it could make such an order.

In wake of company scandals, Yahoo mail forwarding shut down

Users cannot add new destinations to forward their Yahoo mail to as the company reels in from a data breach and governmental privacy concerns.

New York Post: Verizon wants to pay less for Yahoo in wake of scandals

With an email hacking scandal coupled to an email sifting scandal, it seems like Yahoo! has more rough than diamond and Verizon isn’t happy about it.

Talk conversationally dirty to me, Google

Fifty Shades of Google? Well, not really, but if you ask Inbox to write up a Smart Reply for you, it’ll do so with the help of 2,685 romance novels.

272 million, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail accounts poached in Russia

The majority of them belong to major email service providers like, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. The hacker’s willing to sell it all to you for $1.

After over 15 years, mobile email still sucks

Simply having access to email on phones 15 years ago was pretty awesome. Find out how smartphone email access still hasn’t caught up to the usability and efficiency of desktop email programs.

Google Email app added to the Play Store, brings new features

The stock Android email app by Google is now in the Google Play Store for quick and easy updates.