Nokia EOS

Nokia EOS looks like the Lumia 920’s twin

In this leak we’re purportedly looking at the Nokia EOS next to the Lumia 920. These phones appear to be nearly identical from the front. Check it out!
Nokia camera mechanical shutter

Nokia EOS leaks continue as we get a close-up video of the camera system

We’re continuing to see more and more Nokia EOS leaks and the most recent is a close-up video of the phone’s camera system. Check it out!
Nokia EOS leaks

More Nokia EOS leaks as alleged phone gets pictured from all angles

We’re seeing more Nokia EOS leaks today after the pair we’ve stumbled upon just hours ago. Check out some purported real-life photos of the device.

Nokia tablet coming to AT&T alongside EOS/Elvis, claims report

A Nokia tablet might be joining the Nokia EOS/Elvis on AT&T, according to this recent report. The carrier is allegedly testing these devices. Read more!