Microsoft still has Windows 10 Mobile phones for sale, even though they were out of stock for a bit
The Microsoft Store was completely out of stock of Windows 10 Mobile phones for a time last week, but they have been replenished this week. There are two models remaining.
Verizon HP Elite x3 available from the Microsoft Store for $599
An initial lot of this Big Red flavor made available online was priced at $500 and sold out pretty quick. It’s now at $599, in-store only.
HP Elite x3 to remain on sale “through 2019”
Windows 10 Mobile still has a bastion smartphone to hang onto, at least commercially, for the next couple years and change.
HP Elite x4 supposedly in testing with Windows 10 Mobile and Android
An Elite x3 follow-up is said to be on the way, but the phone does have the potential to break way from the Windows 10 Mobile chain.
Windows 10 Creators update official with build 15204 to 13 devices
Microsoft has sent out build 15204 out to fast ring Insiders. It only successfully brought up 12 of them, with some of one model getting stuck.
Microsoft might be planning to roll out Windows 10 Creators Update to a lousy 13 phones
How dead are Windows phones? So dead that only 13 of them are apparently eligible for Microsoft’s latest mobile platform update.
Microsoft shaves up to $430 off Surface Pro 4 bundles, $400 off Surface Book for Christmas
It’s not too late for some last-minute holiday gift shopping, with a number of Surface Pro 4/Type Cover combos available at $430 off list from Microsoft.
Why on earth is HP sticking with Windows 10 Mobile?
HP is pushing Windows 10 Mobile hardware out the door, despite the falling market share? So why is HP still pushing the OS? We examine within.
OnePlus updates coming and FitBit buying Pebble? | #PNWeekly 229
Is FitBit buying Pebble? Will OnePlus fix 3T touch latency and deliver a fast Nougat update? Will HP release another Windows Phone? We discuss in our podcast!
AdDuplex: Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 more popular than HP Elite x3
In the mobile sector of Windows world, a phone with just days of sales in its belt is notching up more usage than a months-old phone.
And now, an HP Elite x3 water test video…
The Windows 10 Mobile phone is aimed at enterprise users who may end up taking their work everywhere they go, so it IS worth a test or two…
HP Elite x3 at Microsoft Stores this week
Delay after delay has hit sales of the HP Elite x3 in the US, but Microsoft and its Microsoft Store seem to feel comfortable showing it off now.
Microsoft finally sets HP Elite x3 pre-orders in motion on North American shores
The primarily business-oriented but also consumer-enticing HP Elite x3 will be delivered by Microsoft to early US and Canadian adopters on September 12.
All your Moto Z questions answered, and Encryption “Responsibility” | Pocketnow Weekly 210
All of your Moto Z questions will be answered, and we chat about corporate responsibility for encryption on episode 210 of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast!
HP Elite x3 pricing in Eurozone revealed [UPDATE for US]
Pricing has been listed for the business-oriented, high-powered Windows 10 Mobile phone in at least four European countries. It is steep.
Yes, the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock works ‘fine’ with the Lumia 950 XL
The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL apparently joins the ultra-high-end HP Elite x3 in supporting Lap Dock versatility and laptop productivity.
HP Elite x3 and Galaxy A9 Pro get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FCC papers
The HP Elite x3, running Windows 10 Mobile on muscly equipment, has clearances on tis Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Galaxy A9 Pro is at the FCC.
S7 versus G5 at MWC 2016 | Pocketnow Weekly 189
Samsung and LG have debuted their leading and competing options for Android smartphones this year at MWC. Listen to us yap and see what you think about them.
HP Elite x3 hands-on: yippee ki-yay, Mr. Falcon (Video)
Finally, a Windows 10 Mobile handset with the hardware to match an Android flagship. We go hands-on with out HP Elite x3 video.
Meet the HP Elite x3 with its mobile Continuum dock
The first Windows 10 Mobile phone to sport a Snapdragon 820 chipset also gets a Continuum dock and a “extension” screen.
Windows 10 Mobile-based HP Elite X3 leaks in full, photographs, specs and all
The HP Elite X3, aka Falcon, has nothing to hide anymore, disclosing its looks and full specifications in advance of a possible MWC debut.