How to have a Safe Video Call Party while Quarantined

Staying in because of the coronavirus outbreak? Learn how to have a Video Call Party that doesn’t violate the privacy of you and your friends.

Be careful about buying refurbished Chromebooks

When buying a refurbished Chromebook, be aware that some things might not work even after a hard reset.

A $99 Chromebook is so much better with Gallium Linux installed

Chrome OS is okay if all you need is a web browser, but upgrading a Chromebook to Gallium Linux turns your Chromebook into a much more powerful, serious computer.
best power banks for the Galaxy s20

Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20: Price, best deals, and more [Update]

Galaxy S20 start at a steep $1000, you’ll have to shed out $1400 to own the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Foldable phones are awesome, but they’re not the future

Foldable phones have long been hailed as the holy grail of innovation in smartphone technology. But do pompous exterior and powerful internals always mean practical?
POCO F1 Armoured Edition

POCO F1 is still a good buy in February 2020

Yes. I am recommending the POCO F1 to anyone who is in the market to buy a new phone purely based on performance, even in February 2020.

Why you should probably avoid Google’s RCS Text messaging chat feature

RCS is being promised as the upgrade to text messaging that we’ve been waiting for, but… why can’t we just use the internet for this?

Building your own mobile phone is serious fun

Making your own mobile phone sounds like a daunting task, but it’s actually really fun! We’re not talking about a fancy iPhone here, but it is still quite an excellent learning experience.

Buying a robotic vacuum finally makes sense

We’re excited to tell you about the Roborock E3, S5, and S5 Max, all currently on sale on Amazon for a limited time.

Limited edition Black AirUnleashed hands-on gallery

On Black Friday at the end of last month, AirUnleashed launched a Black limited edition of the charger (to match the space grey products you might have).

Kai OS impressions: the world’s #3 smartphone OS

Kai OS is rising from the ashes as the world’s 3rd most popular smartphone operating system. How does it stand up so far?

Why are we still using phone numbers?

Often if you take a logic-based critical look at something that society has long taken for granted, you might see that it really doesn’t make sense in modern society.  It may have made sense many years, or decades, or centuries ago, but it clearly doesn’t make any sense today. In the age of the internet, phone numbers are another one of those things.

How to avoid paying extra for Gmail

Back in 2004, Gmail’s email storage system seemed unlimited. Today, there are many cases of Gmail users’ losing email functionality because their account storage limits are full. Here are some tips for managing that storage limit without losing your data.

“Frost” makes Facebook almost tolerable

The Facebook app on Android is not very well-designed and kind of bloated. There are a lot of ethical reasons to avoid it too. Frost for Facebook is a web wrapper that actually brings some excellent features to Facebook on Android.

What happens if your Huawei phone breaks while in the U.S.?

I bought my Huawei Mate 20 Pro in New Zealand, but it broke while I’m in New York. How will I get it fixed? Here’s what happened with Huawei’s excellent customer service.

4 ways Huawei is planning on surviving without Google

Here are four ways Huawei is planning on moving on and surviving without Google, initially in terms of its Mobile Services (GMS), and, eventually, without its Android operating system.

Yes, you can install Google Play Services on the Mate 30 Pro (for now)

For now, here’s proof that it is really possible, to have the full Android experience on the Mate 30 Pro, complete with the Play Store, Google’s apps, achieved with an easy one-click solution

Huawei Mate 30 Pro hands-on: the luxury sports car with an empty fuel tank

The wait is over, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro are official. Now what? This is Huawei’s most important phone launch, and it’s not even about the phone.

Huawei is preparing to innovate once again

Pocketnow will be in Munich on September 19 and we will have coverage and commentary on everything Huawei Mate30-series-related.
5G smartphone

Everything you need to know about 5G: What it is, what it isn’t

5G is all the rage these days, but there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation circulating. Let’s dig into what 5G is, and what it isn’t.

Google Chrome for Android is almost usable!

Somebody at Google is finally learning about one-handed smartphone usability; something that should have been obvious 15 years ago. Chrome may be getting a much better user interface soon.

Hong Kong protesters should be smarter about their messaging apps

Hong Kong protesters have been seeking out new ways of communicating without government intervention. Here’s a potentially much better option compared to the messaging apps that they’ve been using.

Could you survive with only 6 apps on your phone? Which ones would they be?

Huawei has this great Ultra Power saving feature that limits you to only running 6 apps. If you had to live like that, which 6 apps would you choose? Us the #6appsChallenge hash tag and let us know.

Apparently, I have to install spyware on my phone in order to attend a Weird Al concert

If you enjoy supporting your favorite artists by attending their shows, watch out for the AXS ticketing app. It could be a nightmare!

How to fix your phone’s shitty portrait mode (as explained by a professional photographer)

Smartphones are getting better at photography, but they are still lacking in the bokeh blur department especially for the portrait mode. Here’s a fix!